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Cold Weather Comfort Foods in New York City

You won’t feel the cold when you take a bite of these dishes!

Winter in New York City looks pretty thanks to the snow and decorations you’ll see along its streets. However, it’s not as fun if you’re walking around in the cold for too long. Luckily, many local restaurants are there to help!

Warm Winter Comfort Foods in New York City

You can find plenty of restaurants serving the perfect winter dishes that will warm you up on a cold afternoon. Take a look at some of the best winter comfort foods being served in Manhattan. From a hot soup to some sweet hot chocolate, you’ll find it waiting for you in the Big Apple.

Hot Chocolate at MarieBelle

Nothing says winter better than a warm cup of hot chocolate. When you add the perfect flavor and some marshmallow toppings, you can sip on a delicious, sweet treat. If you’re looking for some great cocoa, look no further than MarieBelle. This chocolate shop has been in SoHo for twenty years and is still going strong in creating beautiful chocolate treats for its customers. One of its highlights is the Cacao Bar, a dine-in restaurant where you can get Parisian coffee, tea and pastries. It’s also where you’ll find their hot chocolate made from cocoa shavings. You have your choice of sipping Aztec, milk hazelnut, spiced chocolate or white chocolate flavors that will make this drink pop in your mouth while bringing the heat. 

Hot Chocolate From MarieBelle New York | WhereTraveler
Hot Chocolate From MarieBelle (Courtesy @mariebelleofficial)

French Onion Soup at Le Privé

French onion soup is the type of winter dish that will make you feel classy while warming you up. It’s a staple of the season that can create both comforts in the cold and the tastes of France in one bite. Its hot broth and onions are covered by a gruyere cheese crust that blends the thick, creamy flavors this dish creates. One French restaurant in New York City you can find this dish at is Le Privé in Hell’s Kitchen. This restaurant creates famous French dishes cooked to perfection, including French onion soup. You can order “Soupe à l’Oignon” at any time of day, be it brunch or dinner. French onion soup is the way to go if you’re looking to get warm, and you’ll find it waiting for you at Le Privé. 

French Onion Soup | WhereTraveler
French Onion Soup (©Sheri Silver)

Beef Stew at Oscar’s Place

If you’re looking for some more down-to-earth winter comfort food, try some beef stew. The blend of beef and vegetables in a hot broth will create some juicy flavors that are also good for you. You can find some excellent beef stew at Oscar’s Place; a Belgian-British restaurant called the West Village home since 2013. Oscar’s Place serves their beef stew with a dark beer marinade that helps the dish melt in your mouth. It comes with brussels sprouts and carrots, so you’ll be getting vegetables with your dish that makes it healthy as well as warm. Have some fries or “chips” with your beef stew, and you’ll have a great European meal for the winter weather. 

Beef Stew | WhereTraveler
Beef Stew (©Nathan Dumlao)

New England Clam Chowder at Cull & Pistol

You may not think of fish when you think of winter, but there’s one seafood dish that is sure to warm you up on a cold day. New England clam chowder is the perfect blend of creamy, hot tastes that will linger long after you’ve finished eating. You can find a great bowl of this soup at Cull & Pistol, a seafood restaurant inside Chelsea Market. Not only will you get the signature tastes of clams and cream with this dish, but it also comes with potatoes and a puff pastry! One bite of this rich meal will have you feeling like you’re eating beside the sea. Once you finish, be sure to check out some of Cull & Pistol’s entrees as well, like their linguine and clams and chicken Milanese.

Chicken Pot Pie at White Oak Tavern

If you want to have some Southern comfort this winter, chicken pot pie may be what you’re looking to find. A heated mix of chicken, vegetables and gravy inside a thick pie crust is sure to warm you right up on a cold day. Some of New York City’s best Southern food can be found at White Oak Tavern near Washington Square Park. This American restaurant serves its dishes with a rustic flair, creating the warm tastes of home with every bite. Their chicken pot pie is made with peas, celery, carrots and potatoes blended to create a farm-fresh taste for your meal. You can pair your chicken pot pie with a small plate or a side like mashed potatoes that will make these rustic flavors come to life on a winter day. Once you take a bite, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip to the warm lands of the South. 

Chicken Pot Pie From White Oak Tavern New York | WhereTraveler
Chicken Pot Pie (Courtesy White Oak Tavern)

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup at Cheese Grille

There’s nothing like a warm bite of grilled cheese to make you cozy in cold weather. When you dip it in a bowl of tomato soup, you get some added flavor to make it melt in your mouth. Cheese Grille loves that feeling and wants to recreate it for you with every meal they serve. This restaurant on the Lower East Side is dedicated to grilled cheese and is constantly innovating its recipes. The restaurant serves not one but twelve types of grilled cheese sandwiches from classic to ham and cheese to an Italian-based “Little Italy.” No matter what sandwich you get, you can pair it with a bowl of their signature spicy tomato soup that will give the flavors a warm kick in your mouth. The fun doesn’t stop at grilled cheese, though. Cheese Grille also serves a variety of macaroni and cheese dishes that are sure to hit the spot when you’re looking for some warm cheese. If you’re looking for a simple winter dish that packs in the flavors, Cheese Grille is the place to be.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich | WhereTraveler
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (©Dan Smedley)