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Celebrating National Doughnut Day in New York

Whether you are a true doughnut connoisseur or just a doughnut-lover, there is no denying National Doughnut Day is the perfect excuse to indulge!

If everyone seems to be moving around faster than a New York minute on June 4, don’t blame it on their fast-paced lifestyle. You can thank their sugar rush from National Doughnut Day.

Doughnut Day in NYC

Check out this curated list of New York doughnut shops, along with some sweet tips on where to find delicious deals to ensure you “doughnut miss out!”


Alimama Tea

Janie Wang, the owner of Alimama Tea, envisioned creating a little haven where her customers could steal a moment from their day to relax and perhaps find a spark of joy in her doughnut creations. Little did she know that her little haven would turn into a piece of doughnut heaven here on earth.

Located in Chinatown, Alimama Tea was the first shop in New York City to offer Japanese Mochi Doughnuts—a blend of the traditional Japanese rice cake with a sprinkle of modern flavors. Be sure to try the Matcha Mochi Doughnut made with a Matcha glaze and dusted with toasted Rice Krispies. The Sweet and Savory Mochi Doughnut has a delicious, salted Nutella glaze that will leave you wanting more.

To make the doughnut celebration even sweeter, our readers will receive 20% off their doughnut purchase on June 4 just by mentioning WhereTraveler.  

Mochi Doughnuts at Alimama Tea New York | WhereTraveler
Mochi Doughnuts at Alimama Tea (©Mylene Fernandes)

Doughnut Plant


Doughnut Plant is a New York institution focused on originality and deliciousness since opening its doors in 1994. The shop pioneered the idea of mixing fresh fruit and nuts in a doughnut glaze and continues to focus on these two concepts when creating the doughnuts each day.

To celebrate National Doughnut Day, Doughnut Plant will be offering a special mini yeast doughnut called the CLASSIC SPRINKLE, a tribute to the traditional, iconic pink glazed doughnut. It is a slightly smaller version with a fresh strawberry glaze and naturally colored rainbow sprinkles. The Classic Sprinkle will be available for one day only on June 4, online at order.doughnutplant.com, and its four locations for $3 each.

Doughnut at Doughnut Plant New York | WhereTraveler
Doughnut at Doughnut Plant (Courtesy Doughnut Plant)

The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project is the home of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted doughnuts in the West Village. It has both gluten-free and vegan options on its menu. What makes The Doughnut Project highly unique are the innovative doughnut creations and the shop's fearlessness in experimenting with different flavors. Some of the fun creations include the Mango Mojito, the Cheese the Day Pizza Doughnut, and the Lemon Meringue Pie Doughnut. 

In honor of National Doughnut Day, The Doughnut Project will have the special Funnel Cake Doughnut. This creation is a kettle corn glazed yeast doughnut with a caramel drizzle and a funnel cake topper. Each doughnut is $6.50 and is only available from June 4th – 6th.

Funnel Cake Doughnut at The Doughnut Project New York | WhereTraveler
Funnel Cake Doughnut at The Doughnut Project (Courtesy The Doughnut Project)

Dun-well Doughnuts


Dun-well Doughnuts holds the distinction of being the only all-vegan doughnut shop on our National Doughnut Day list. The egg-free doughnut menu has an impressive rotating list of 200 varieties. Popular flavors on rotation include its Peanut Butter and Jelly-filled Doughnut, Maple Raspberry Pie, and Salted Caramel Pecan.

On June 4th, Dun-well Doughnuts will be offering special doughnut holes free with purchase for one day only! Check out the shop’s Instagram page; it may announce additional surprise promotions through social media or in-store.

Assorted Treats at Dun-well Doughnuts New York | WhereTraveler
Assorted Treats at Dun-well Doughnuts (Courtesy Dun-well Doughnuts)

Dough Doughnuts 

Dough Doughnuts are made with a signature brioche dough and stand out for being larger than the average doughnut. The Hibiscus Doughnut is a favorite made with dried Mexican hibiscus, topped with candied hibiscus flower and a sweet, tangy glaze. Other mouth-watering flavors include the Brooklyn Blackout, a semisweet chocolate brioche filled with chocolate pudding, and the Boston Cream Pie Doughnut. The doughnuts are baked throughout the day, ensuring that customers receive each doughnut fresh and packed with flavor. 

On June 4th, Dough Doughnuts will debut the Pride Doughnut to celebrate Pride Month.

Assorted Sweets at Dough Doughnuts New York | WhereTraveler
Assorted Sweets at Dough Doughnuts (Courtesy Dough Doughnuts)

Daily Provisions 

This café may make incredible breakfast sandwiches and coffee, but truly, many keep coming back for its crullers. These doughnuts are crispy on the outside, with spiral ridges and a soft center. From June 1st-21st, Daily Provisions will be serving the Strawberry Fields Cruller to benefit the Central Park Conservancy. Show your support on National Doughnut Day. For each Strawberry Fields Cruller sold, Daily Provisions will make a $1 donation to the Conservancy.

June Cruller at Daily Provisions New York | WhereTraveler
June Cruller at Daily Provisions (Courtesy Daily Provisions)