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The Expert's Guide to New York City: Concierge For Equinox Hotel

"Walk, walk, walk! In my opinion, this is the best way to see all that New York has to offer."- Anabela Moumdjian For Equinox Hotel

Expert Tips From a Local Concierge

Nobody knows a city like the local concierge team. With the inside track on all the best places to dine, shows to see and things to do, they're a wealth of knowledge for all travelers. We talk with a top local hotel concierge in New York City to get the inside scoop on all their expert tips.  

Anabela Moumdjian, Chef Concierge at Equinox Hotel 

WT: Why do you refer your guests to WhereTraveler, and what makes WhereTraveler an essential resource for you? 
Moumdjian: I find that the magazine is well organized and the articles are always very informative. All the information is clearly displayed, and this helps travelers plan their trips to NY.

WT: What are your best tips for exploring NYC like a local? 
Moumdjian: Always ask your hotel Concierge for advice; they are the keys to the city and can give you the best recommendations in your area and everywhere else in the city.

WT: What should be on every visitor's "bucket list" when visiting? 
Moumdjian: I always recommend doing one observation deck, seeing at least one Broadway show, and taking a boat tour. These are very New York things to do. 

"Hamilton" Marquee on Broadway New York | WhereTraveler
"Hamilton" Marquee on Broadway (©Sudan Ouyang)

WT: What's an excellent spot to capture a great selfie?
Moumdjian: I always suggest the corner of 34th Street and 7th Avenue for a perfect photo with the Empire State Building and the corner of 42nd Street and 5th Avenue for one with the Chrysler Building.

WT: Where's the best place to take kids of all ages? 
Moumdjian: I highly recommend one of the multi-sensorial exhibits like Artechouse and SuperReal. 

WT: For a guest looking for a night on the town, what would you recommend? 
Moumdjian: A drink at a bar with a view, a nice dinner at Electric Lemon, the restaurant at the Equinox Hotel, and then going to listen to some jazz at one of the legendary jazz clubs in the city. 

WT: Any suggestions for the best under-the-radar sites or uncommon things to do? 
Moumdjian: I have my own itinerary for exploring the streets of Greenwich Village; I have it saved on my computer and always give it to my guests and friends who ask where to go walking. 

Greenwich Village New York | WhereTraveler
Greenwich Village (©Emmanuel Kontokalos)