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Starr Quality: NOLA Designer Starr Hagenbring

The Art & Eyes owner shines with her latest collection of coatdresses.

“I love insects,” says designer Starr Hagenbring, discussing the inspiration behind her new collection of scarab-motif coatdresses. “The Egyptians knew that if it wasn’t for the beetle they would parish, so they honored it. We aren’t so close to nature anymore; now most folks consider insects pests. I think it’s my job to beautify them so people will hopefully take a second look.”

Hagenbring, who opened the Magazine Street boutique Art & Eyes in 2011 (“It’s so fun to make people look—and see—better on both sides of the lens”), has since garnered a strong following with her sculptural silk creations, each of which she designs, sews and hand-paints.

“I do everything short of weaving the fabric,” says Hagenbring.

Her typical client? “People who want to have fun,” Hagenbring says. “These are fun, beautiful clothes. Seeing beautiful things makes you happy, and that’s what I do. If you are in a less than great mood and have to go to an event, this is the best thing to wear; you don’t have to do any work, people will come to you! If you are in a fine mood, all the better results.”

Selections From Hagenbring's Fall 2015 Collection

(Images ©Tom McInvaille)