Mardi Gras World

It’s Carnival time all year long inside the workshops of Kern Studios, the world’s largest float builder. The tour features a video on the history of Mardi Gras. $22 adults/children, $17 seniors/students with college ID, $14 ages 11-2. Tours daily, 9:30 am-4 pm.

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Since 1947, our artists and craftsmen have designed and built the oldest and biggest parade floats and attractions for each Mardi Gras season, with over 500 floats built and decorated each year. When you begin your Mardi Gras World tour, you’ll get an overview of the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans before our guides take you through our float den, where our artists work year-round to build spectacular floats and props. You never get this close to the floats while they’re rolling in Mardi Gras parades, and this is certainly the only place to see how these amazing pieces come to life each year. When you’re sightseeing in New Orleans or looking for fascinating tours in New Orleans, this is something you just can’t miss. Come see where the Mardi Gras magic is made!

1380 Port of New Orleans Place
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States

Map of Mardi Gras World