A Perfect Day in New Orleans: Terrance Osborne's Itinerary

The popular Jazzfest artist paints the town

Terrance Osborne, a popular Jazzfest artist, sketches out his idea of a perfect day in the Crescent City.

10:30 am: Coffee Walk

There’s a Starbucks at Washington and Magazine streets. Get a coffee and start walking toward Canal. I usually have a Blonde grande, with either a Red Eye, which is one espresso shot, or a Black Eye, which is two shots, when I feel I need it. I love walking Magazine and looking at all the shops. They don’t open really early, but then I’m not an early riser.

 Antique shopping in New Orleans

12:30 pm: Gaga for Gyoza

Sake Café is a great place for lunch. The gyoza is excellent. It’s a lightly sautéed dumpling that comes with a fish dipping sauce, and it’s divine. I could stuff myself on it.

2 pm: Put It in Park

Being a family man pretty much directs my interests: If my kids can do it, I do it. So, take a walk through Audubon Park. When the sun is shining, people there are in a good mood and everyone speaks to everyone. New Orleans is like family, and Audubon feels like New Orleans, like family.

Audubon Park

5 pm: Games on

Barcadia is a recent favorite of mine. It’s got a lot of retro games and new arcade games, too. You can have a beer and play some of the old classics like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Street Fighter—all those games I grew up on that my kids don’t play.

7 pm: Veg In

For dinner try Houston’s on St. Charles Avenue. We eat there about five times a month. The veggie burger is phenomenal.

9 pm: A Little Night Music

There’s always a nice variety of musicians at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse. d.b.a. is a great spot, too. It’s one of those places where you can see a nationally recognized musician perform, then leave, walk down the street and get in their car … just like a real person.

John Boutte at d.b.a.