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The Best Food Trucks In New Orleans

High commercial rents in downtown New Orleans can be a severe roadblock for budding restauranteurs. That's why lots of chefs have decided a micro-kitchen on wheels is a better way to achieve their dreams, at least to start. Many food trucks find so much success they later move into brick and mortar spaces. The best way to keep track of their ever-changing locations is by following your favorite trucks on social media.

Crepes A La Cart

Crepes A La Cart is the trendiest place for Danish snacks in New Orleans with a coy name and an impeccably painted blue cab. The website even has a link to help hungry customers find the cart, lovingly called Nadine. There are over 50 flavors of sweet and savory crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. "The Elvis" is a sweet and salty mix of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon (fit for a king). There are several French-inspired flavors like the "Cordon Bleu" (chicken, ham, white asparagus, creamy swiss, and Hollandaise) and the "Monte Cristo," which blends savory meats with raspberry preserves and powdered sugar for a decadent treat. Try ice cream flavors or create your own personalized concoction. 

Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside l WhereTraveler
Nadine, the antique crepe truck (Courtesy of Roaming Hunger)

La Cocinita

Getting authentic Venezuelan street food takes five easy steps at La Cocinita Food Truck. First, start by picking your vessel. Do you want Venezuelan arepas (you do), tacos, a bowl? Proteins come next and include braised chicken, pork, sweet potatoes, and black beans, or black beans and queso. After that, sauce it up. Try Venezuelan guacamole, chipotle crema, "stupid" hot sauce, and a handful of others. You can stop there if you want to, or you can add on delightful extras like rice and beans. Again, the adventure could stop there, but why not go to step five and grab a drink? Owners Benoit and Rachel Angulo proudly serve their favorite cities, New Orleans and Chicago.

Fete Au Fete StrEATery

Fete Au Fete food truck can be found on the LSU campus on the corner of Stadium and Tower. Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., the truck serves hungry co-eds and professionals alike. The menu is small, but that's because the team is committed to doing Cajun food right and has perfected dishes like the crawfish poutine. It is nothing short of a heavenly experience with juicy crawfish and new potatoes smothered in pepper jack cheese and buttery crawfish étouffée. The Cajun Cubano will cure what ails you with roasted pork loin, tasso, smoked gouda, pickles, and jalapeño-garlic aioli on pressed French bread. It's the perfect food to soak up the night before or to fill you up for the rest of the day.

Find the StrEATery on the LSU campus l WhereTraveler
Find the StrEATery on the LSU campus (Courtesy of Fete au Fete)

Food Drunk

During Carnival 2014, Food Drunk debuted the King Cake Burger, an Angus brisket patty with cheddar cheese on a brioche bun dusted with the iconic purple, yellow, and green. The truck sold 10,000 that first season. Now, it's a permanent staple on the menu. All of the menu options are filling and delightfully fatty, precisely what you want to soak up a long night of drinking. There are several burgers (some even topped with BBQ), a turkey melt, and duck fat fries. The spicy Cajun ketchup is the perfect accompaniment.

Brioche bun topped with the iconic King Cake colors l WhereTraveler
Brioche bun topped with the iconic King Cake colors (Courtesy of Food Drunk)

Petite Rouge

If you need a mobile pick-me-up, follow the Petite Rouge social media and grab a coffee from this chic, vintage espresso camionette. The beans, dairy, and sugar are all local (French Truck Coffee, Progress Milk, Three Brother's Farm). The 1970 Citroen brings piping hot espresso in the winter and ice cold teas in the height of summer to every neighborhood throughout New Orleans. You can even hire them for weddings, private events, film sets, and festivals. Try the "Monster Mocha" with chocolate, cold brew, espresso, and milk for an extra jolt, or cool off with hibiscus ginger sweet tea. Forget about your usual syrups like vanilla (although Petite Rouge has that too); try your beverage with a shot of lavender, ginger, or basil.

Coffee from a vintage camionette l WhereTraveler
Coffee from a vintage camionette (Courtesy of Petite Rouge)


New Orleans' original destination for rolling fried chicken sandwiches is the aptly named Bonafried. The sky blue chicken mobile serves up tasty sandwiches that are distinctly southern. In fact, the classic sandwich is called "The Southern" and comes with pickles and a sweet honey drizzle, while "The Special" expands on the house sando and adds chili oil for extra heat. If you want something other than chicken, there are several slider varieties and different kinds of loaded fries. Add on any of the ten different sauce options and make your meal finger-licking good.

Bonafried serving bona fide fried chicken l WhereTraveler
Bonafried's "The Southern" chicken sandwich (Courtesy of Bonafried/Facebook)