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Opry Country Christmas Welcomes Lauren Alaina This Holiday Season

The former “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” powerhouse tells us all about her Christmas favorites.

Lauren Alaina has cemented herself as a force in country music. Her powerhouse vocals and lyrics tackle everything from the hectic nature of modern life to the challenges of moving on from a past relationship, and songs like “Getting Over Him” prove Alaina’s ability to connect with listeners through raw emotion and relatability. We recently caught up with the country star for the second time this year to chat about her upcoming December 1 show for Opry Country Christmas at the Opry, her favorite ways to celebrate Christmas, the holidays in Music City, and her hopes for the new year! 

Lauren Alaina Joins The Opry Nashville | WHERE Traveler®
Lauren Alaina Joins The Opry (Photo by Chris Hollo)

Lauren Alaina’s Nashville Christmas

Christmas Traditions

“You know, my life has been kind of crazy the last 11 years, just traveling and everything. But I always, always, always get to spend Christmas with my family. It is the one time of year that I know, no matter what, I get to be with them. So I go home. I come from a split family, So I get to spend time with my dad. I get so many Christmases now; I’m very spoiled. But really, my biggest tradition is just going home and being with my big brother and my mom and dad. My brother has four kids, so I spoil them. And just being with the family and eating all the food! I have a Christmas party every year, and we go caroling in Nashville, take 50 people, and knock on random people’s doors and sing to them.”

Making Spirits Bright

“When we’re on the bus and traveling, we decorate the bus. And I’m a very festive person in general; I love a themed party. I love a theme to anything. So the holidays are the perfect time of the year for me because everyone’s doing it, and it’s accepted to be overly dramatic and dressy and themed.” 

Opry Country Christmas

I’m sure I’ll be decked out for Christmas! I usually like to dress for the theme. I think we’re playing all Christmas songs; I’m pretty sure it is just a Christmas show. So we’ll be doing all Christmas stuff—I think… I may sneak one Lauren Alaina song in there—we’ll see! It’ll be high-energy and lots of fun. I can almost guarantee I’ll be playing “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.” It’s my favorite; it was my grandmother’s favorite.” 

Lauren Alaina Performs at The Opry Nashville | WHERE Traveler®
Lauren Alaina Performs at The Opry (Photo by Chris Hollo)

Favorite Christmas Songs

“There’s nothing better than “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree,” except maybe “Mary Did You Know?” and “O Holy Night.” It’s so hard to choose, I love them all, but those are my top three. I like to have a selection! Gotta get Jesus in there for the Christmas spirit and get a little fun time rocking around the house, drinking and dancing. There’s room for it all!”

Christmas in Nashville

Another tradition I have is a really sweet one. I don’t even know that the Opry knows this. Our tradition every year is that my brother’s kids come up and stay at Lala’s house—that’s what they call me, Lala. And we go to the Opryland Hotel, and we do all of the Christmas stuff there. And it is so fun, and it’s something that my nephews talk about all year long. Like it’ll be April, and they’re still talking about, “Can we go up to Lala’s and look at the Christmas lights?”

Hopes For the New Year

“New beginnings. Honestly, I’ve got a new record deal. I’ve got all the new things. I’m really hoping it has an engagement ring in it. That’d be good. What else? I don’t know. Happiness, new music, new beginnings. A shiny ring.” 

Trisha Yearwood Invites Lauren Alaina to Join The Opry Nashville | WHERE Traveler®
Trisha Yearwood Invites Lauren Alaina to Join The Opry (Photo by Chris Hollo)

*Interview edited for clarity.