Munich for History Buffs

Munich knows how to have a good time. This is, after all, the beer capital of Europe. But while the merriment continues year-round in the city’s bounteous beer halls, and of course its mammoth Oktoberfest, Munich manages to somehow shake off its hangover and retain a surprisingly sensible reputation for hard work and innovation.

The city is filled with momentous landmarks marking its varied past. This is the location of some of Germany’s finest museums like the Bayerisces Nationalmuseum, art galleries and theaters, lending it a rather refined and prosperous air. Its triple-arched Siegestor was where Bavarian rulers passed through. There's also has the dark history of World War II which is laid bare for the world to pay tribute to, like the memorial and museum at Dachau

All this marries well with the elegant Bavarian palace, Residenz, and grand churches. But look past the sharp suits and flash cars and you’ll find another beer hall pounding with oompah music, an appealing reminder of Munich’s mischievous side.