Munich: 10 Must-Do Experiences

Plan your trip to the Bavarian city with these top experiences, from a visit to a summer palace to seeing a world-class soccer team.

Munich is full of exciting things to do and see. From a night out at the opera to hanging out in a biergarten, these are our top recommendations for the city.

Savor Views From St Peter’s Church

The city’s oldest parish church is one of Munich’s best-known landmarks, known by locals as Alter Peter (‘old Peter’) stands on the Petersbergl (hill). For the best city views, climb the 299 steps inside the church to reach the observation desk from which you’ll be getting your camera out to photograph the view. On a clear day you can even see as far as the Alps.

Hang Out In A Biergarten

When the sun shines, hang out with the locals in a lush beer garden. These popular watering holes are all about enjoying the Stieners of frothy beer while lazing under a lush chestnut tree—traditionally planted to keep the beer cool that was stored underneath. You’ll have plenty to choose from—there are around 400 Biergartens in the city.

Typical Biergarten in Munich, Germany

Have A Night At The Opera

Make the most of the city’s outstanding music venues. Munich is home to some of Germany’s best entertainment, from esteemed troupes such as the Bavarian State Opera and the Munich Philharmonic. And a ticket won’t break the bank, as there’s a good level of funding from the state. If you’re travelling in the summer, look out for a series of concerts at Nymphenburg Palace, a real highlight.

Head To Oktoberfest

It’s THE biggest event of Munich’s year, so plan well ahead for the world’s biggest beer party and bear in mind that rooms can be scarce, and more expensive than usual. The original Oktoberfest bash in 1810, celebrating the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, was such a hit with the locals that it was decided to throw a party every year. The event lasts for 16 days, from mid September, where some 750,000 kegs of the brew are drunk. Read more about Oktoberfest here.

Brass bands at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Swim In Art Nouveau Baths

As swimming baths go, this is really special. The Muller Volksbad design makes it one of Europe’s most magnificent public swimming baths, with many of its original features well preserved. There is an 18-meter pool (originally just for women) and a 31-meter pool (formerly for men) larger men’s pool, with sauna facilities including a Roman steam bath with an open-air courtyard.

Savor Decadence At The Palace

It’s easy to see why Schloss Nymphenburg was such an appeal to the Wittelsbachs each summer, for their country break. This villa-like 17th-century palace has pavilions, arcarded passageways a Baroque appearance. Today’s visitors can see treasures such as the hunting sleigh of Electress Amalia, portraits of beauties of the day, and a stunning 200 hectare park.

Grounds of Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich, Germany

Get Into World Cup Winning Spirit

Germany confidently won the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil last summer, proving (as if we didn’t know) what a powerhouse in world soccer they are. And who could forget when they swept aside Brazil in the semi finals, 7-1? Munich has one of the best clubs in the country: Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga (the premier league) title six times in the last decade. Head to a match at the Allianz Arena (Aug-May), or head to the museum and a stadium tour to try and discover just why they are so good.

Enjoy The Flora

It’s a busy urban center but plenty of places to enjoy the lush areas. The Botansicher Garten, on the north side of Nymphenburg Park is a gem, richly stocked with around 15,000 varieties. Don’t miss the Alpine garden, whose heather in the late summer is a colorful delight. The city’s famous Englische Garten is one of the world’s largest urban parks, with almost 50 miles of cycling and jogging paths. As the name suggests, it’s laid out like an English country park, presumably because it was the Briton Benjamin Thompson who was put in charge of the project, in 1789.

Feast On Traditional Bar Snacks

While you’re tasting the local brew, it’s not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach. Sample Weisswurst, Munich’s famous white sausage, ubiquitous in any of the city’s beerhalls. Made from calf’s head, veal and seasoning, it’s eaten cutting the meat out of the skin and dipping in mustard. Look out also for freshly baked huge pretzels, ideally served warm.

See Where The First Atom Was Split

The Deutsches Museum, which is one of the world’s oldest, largest science museums, opened in 1925 and contains many impressive artifacts: a 1930 cargo plane, an F104 Starfighter, tunnels of an old mine, and the first U-boat German submarine. The jewel in its crown is the very bench where the first atom was split.