Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s is known for creating fun flavors with catchy, pop culture-themed names, but this parlor in the East Village delivers something better. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream has been changing the game for local ice cream, as they create all-natural tastes from locally sourced ingredients.

You’ll find all of your favorite flavors waiting for you inside, but they always have a twist that makes them even sweeter. You can get a scoop of triple vanilla with “Ice Ice Mikey,” a chocolate and marshmallow blend with “Truffle Shuffle,” or strawberry and cheesecake with “Pink Floyd.” Mikey Likes It Ice Cream even has vegan flavors for health-conscious customers, like their blueberry hibiscus “Eat to Heal” or their vegetable and fruit-filled “Incredible Hulk.”

Take your Mikey Likes It experience even further by ordering one of their ice cream sandwiches or milkshakes with your new favorite flavor. 

Soft Swerve

Cool Scoops at Mikey Likes It Ice Cream New York | WhereTraveler
Cool Scoops (Courtesy Mikey Likes It Ice Cream)