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Beauty and the Beach: How to Stay Gorgeous While Traveling

Tracy Kistoo, one of Miami's health and wellness influencers, talks beach beauty and gives recommendations for some of her favorite products.

Tracy Kistoo, the Whole Body team leader at Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami, wants visitors to look good while battling the heat, humidity and current schizophrenic Miami weather.

Here are her tips, tricks and top natural product recommendations to help up your beauty game when the weather is wacky in the Magic City:

Beat the Heat

Miami has seen some cold days lately but typically it’s hot and humid. Sun protection and moisturizer are must haves to keep your skin quenched and protected. Heat, humidity and hangovers are not so cute, so combat them by staying hydrated and having the right supplements on hand. Lastly, own that beach hair!

Product Recommendations

"Juice Beauty Sun Protection SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer" (in assorted shades) moisturizes and gives great coverage and sun protection.

"Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer" is great for a humid day in Miami so that your skin won’t look oily.

"Mineral Fusions Beach Hair Texture Spray" gives you the best beach hair because it keeps hair nourished and protected.

Remember "Party Smart" when in Miami; this herbal supplement is perfect before a night of partying to give your body an herbal boost to prevent against hangovers.

"Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Hair Masque" once a week is the best way to treat your hair from heat damage. Also, "Pacifica Ginger Root 10 in 1 hair volumizer" is great to keep your hair looking healthy and oil-free from the humidity and is also perfect for a sleek blowout without the frizz.

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Tracy Kistoo's Top Five Travel Products

"Acure Dry Shampoo" will ensure your blowout lasts a few days, even with the Miami humidity.

"Juice Beauty Soothing Eye Cream" will help you recover from a night on the town.

"Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter for Lips" keeps lips hydrated and nourished all beach daylong.

"Wellness Formula Fizz Tablets" give you an immune boost while traveling! 

"Spectrum Single Use Coconut Oil" will hydrate your body from head to toe and can also be used as an oral rinse agent.