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Spend a Day in Miami's Wynwood Arts District

Wynwood is Miami's most thriving artistic hub—with all there is to do, the options may seem almost overwhelming.


From beginning to end, Wynwood Arts District, an artsy area north of downtown Miami, boasts a variety of places, shops, galleries and more that can keep you wandering its streets all day. While taking a take a tour of this eccentric ecosystem and allowing yourself to explore, let this list be your guide across the entire district.

Wake Up to Art

Start the day off right with a satisfying breakfast at the Wynwood Diner. Fill up on classic fare such as huevos rancheros, eggs Benedct or chicken and waffles. Afterwards, head to the nearby Wynwood Walls where you can sit on a bench and watch the daylight flood ionto the colorfully designed walls. If you find yourself in the mood for a quiche and a coffee, visit the Miam Café & Boutique for a wholesome breakfast on the corner of the well-known Wynwood Building. After biting into that flaky croissant, be sure to explore Miami's boutique area that holds delectable honeys, oils, wines and more.


Get Sidetracked

Meander through the streets of Wynwood and you’ll always come across a unique experience within its boutiques, small shops, art and more. Check out galleries like the Dina Mitrani Gallery and the Art Fusion Galleries. A short Uber ride away sits the Shops at Midtown—a veritable collection of great shopping opportunities like Guess Factory Store, Homegoods and West Elm, beauty salons like Blo:Dry Bar and Bleach Salon, and award-winning food spots like Baru Urbano, Bar Louie and Sakaya Kitchen. Within Miami's art district, you'll find yourself in the center of activity, whatever your pleasure. 

Lunch Spots to Try

Not just for hipsters and artists, Wynwood features some culinary gems that should not go missed. Seeing is believing, but tasting means so much more. Open for brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, Oak Tavern’s delicious menus contain the recipe to a happy belly. Enjoy roasted beets with whipped goat cheese, arugula and pistachio vinaigrette or the duck pizza topped with mushrooms, fontina, crème fraiche and truffles. The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill is another must-try restaurant for any newcomer. Not only is the seating itself breezy and comfortable, but the food offerings range across all food-lover types. They include beer accompaniments, charcuterie options, sandwiches, freshly made sausages, juicy burgers and straight-off-the-butcher-block meats and entrées.

Wynwood Art Gallery
One of the public galleries next to Wynwood Walls (©LauraAguiar)

Finish the Night off Right

Still hungry for more? Stop by Joey’s in Wynwood for a pizza you won't soon forget. A refreshing cocktail menu helps wash down the taste of steamy, four-cheese gnocchi, a pizza topped with figs, gorgonzola cheese, honey and hot peppers, salmon carpaccio with romaine, bruschetta and chives, and so much more. The outside patio of Joey’s sets the scene for a real Italian meal among the twinkling lights, all while remaining within walking distance to some of Wynwood’s best nightlife spots. Lagniappe is already a well-established local favorite, but it remains so for good reason. This New Orleans-style wine and beer bar introduces you to a world where live music of all kinds play every night, where the back patio makes every night feel like a special night and the food always comes with a side of welcoming service.

Party Like a Local

The days in Miami may be sun-drenched but the nights last forever, and Wynwood follows this satisfying rule in its own way. Cafeina Lounge is a sultry example of such a mixture of art pieces, good music, great drinks and best crowds. Feel like a kid at recesses again at Wood Tavern—if recesses were to involve perks like great drink specials, Taco Tuesdays and everyone looking a lot older and better. Wood stands firm as within the top handful of favorite bars for this area among locals and foreigners alike; with its rustic appearance, laidback culture and nightly specials and deals, the picnic tables that litter the large patio are always full. Be the coolest of the cool at Brickhouse on Friday and Saturday nights.  A beer garden where only the best craft brews and bourbon bloom, Brickhouse has a little of everything to make this watering hole your new home. 

Map of Miami's Wynwood Arts District Itinerary


Go There

Wynwood Diner, 2601 N.W. 2nd Ave.

Wynwood Walls, 2516 NW 2nd Ave.

Miam Cafe & Boutique, 2750 NW 3rd Ave., Suite 21, 786.703.1451

Dina Mitrani Gallery, 2620 NW 2nd Ave., 786.486.7248

Art Fusion Gallery, 3550 N. Miami Ave., 305.573.5730

Shops at Midtown, 3339 N. Miami Ave., 877.225.5337

Oak Tavern, 35 NE 40th St., 786.391.1818

The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill, 165 NW 23rd St., 305.846.9120

Joey's, 2506 NW 2nd Ave., 305.438.0488

Lagniappe, 3425 NE 2nd Ave., 305.576.0108

Cafeina Lounge, 297 NW 23rd St., 305.438.0792

Wood Tavern, 2531 NW 2nd Ave., 305.748.2828

Brickhouse, 187 NW 28th St., 305.456.2629