10 Miami Sites Made Famous in "Dexter"

Take a closer look at the Miami spots seen on the critically-acclaimed television show "Dexter."

The popular Showtime TV series that followed a Miami forensic crime expert-turned-serial-killer, Dexter Morgan, may have ended in 2013, but it continues to be among the most streamed shows on Netflix.

Before the production moved west to Los Angeles, California, due to an active hurricane season in Florida, the first few seasons featured actual places around Miami.

Here are our top 10 sites you can visit to create your own “Dexter” tour. Renting a Ford car (Dexter Morgan's make of choice) is completely optional.

Seven Seas Motel

The show’s first crime scene was discovered at the Seven Seas Motel, 5940 Biscayne Blvd., north of downtown Miami in the colorful Upper Eastside neighborhood. The motel is everything you’d expect from a 1950s roadside haunt. Don't expect the usual amenities of Wi-Fi or front desk/concierge services, this is as bare bones as you can get. The room rates range between $43-$53.

Seven Seas Motel
Seven Seas Motel. (Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Bay Harbor Club

In an ironic twist, Dexter’s apartment is actually located in a quiet residential area called Bay Harbor Islands and one of the safest places in all of Miami.

But beware, this private condo community at 1155 103rd St. is exclusive to members, and overzealous “Dexter” fans have in the past had the police called on them.

Be discreet when trying to catch a glimpse of Dexter’s apartment. Tip: Drive by from the east for the best views.

Bay Harbor Islands
Dexter's apartment in Bay Harbor Islands. (©Showtime Networks, Inc.)

Bayfront Park Fountain

The first few “Dexter” episodes followed the trail of the “Ice Truck Killer,” who dismembered his victims and left them scattered about town. The second crime scene was discovered at a public fountain within the 32-acre urban park in downtown Miami known as Bayfront Park.

Once a tribute to one of Florida’s most esteemed Congressmen, the Mildred and Claude Pepper Fountain at 301 Biscayne Blvd. was designed in the 1980s by Isamu Noguchi as part of an overall redesign of the park. It was later renamed to Bayfront Park Fountain.

Bayfront Park Fountain
Bayfront Park Fountain. (©Bob B. Brown/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue HQ

Spot the real life Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters (9300 NW 41st St.) stand-in as the Miami police station in the early episodes of "Dexter."  Did you know Miami-Dade's fire-rescue operations are one of the largest in the country, with almost 2,000 firefighters? According to seeing-stars.com, the police station was later filmed on a permanent set at Sunset-Gower studios in Los Angeles.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters. (©David Dunmore)

Doral Park Country Club

A private club in the western suburbs of Greater Miami, the Doral Park Country Club, a popular wedding venue that also includes basketball and volleyball courts, fitness center and restaurants onsite, is more recognizable to "Dexter" fans as where Jamie Jaworski worked as a parking valet to find his future murder victim, Jane Saunders.

Doral Park Club
Doral Park Club. (Courtesy Doral Park Club)

Ocean Drive

It's no surprise that the neon lights and Art Deco Historic District of Ocean Drive feature prominently in the first two episodes of "Dexter." Whether cruising down Miami Beach's main strip or strolling the streets, Ocean Drive is always picture-perfect. The Crescent Resort (1420 Ocean Drive) and the Hilton Grand Vacations at MacAlpin-Ocean Plaza (1430 Ocean Drive) are two of the hotel marquees you can catch as Dexter drives by in the opening scene.

Ocean Drive, South Beach
The bright lights of Ocean Drive. (©chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons)

PortMiami—Old Port Bridge

The Miami-Dade Film Office describes the PortMiami-Old Port Bridge as one of the best views of the Downtown Miami skyline and Bayside Marketplace. Countless films, television shows, commercials and music videos have used it as the quintessential establishing Miami shot including "Transporter 2," "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Bad Boys 2." The Old Bridge is a stark contrast to the new concrete one that runs parallel to it.

In "Dexter," the abandoned bridge appears after the "Ice Truck Killer" tosses a severed head out of his van and into the street. 

Port-Miami-Old Port Bridge
Port-Miami-Old Port Bridge. (©mzmo/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Streets of Downtown Miami

When the police spend the night searching for the "Ice Truck Killer," their hunt leads them to the streets of Downtown Miami, past some of the city's most iconic buildings and areas including Biscayne Boulevard, the 47-story Miami Tower at 100 SE 2nd St. that lights up at night, the Miami International University of Art & Design, 1501 Biscayne Blvd., as well as several mom-and-pop shops along SE First Street that sell apparel, shoes and electronics.

Miami Tower, Downtown Miami
Miami Tower lights up the night. (©Bob B. Brown/Flickr, Creative Commons)

Miami Springs Gazebo

Nestled in this small-town park-like neighborhood of Miami Springs, is the Curtiss Circle and a charming gazebo (Curtiss Parkway and Westward Drive). Located northwest of the Miami International Airport, city officials and other groups use this gazebo as a gathering place for everything from Christmas carols and family days to weddings. Amid this picturesque setting, Dexter kidnaps Mike Donovan, a pastor and choir conductor, who was suspected of killing young boys, after a boys choir performance at the gazebo. 

Miami Springs Circle and gazebo
Miami Springs Circle and gazebo. (©John M. Lopez)

Virginia Key

Once a beloved fish shack and dive bar, Jimbo's Place had been a locals hangout since 1954. It was truly one of the last remnants of a bygone era.  Before "Dexter" filmed here, Jimbo's had welcomed shows like "Flipper," "Miami Vice" "Burn Notice" and "CSI: Miami" to its small parcel of Old Florida. It may no longer be there but it's definitely worth the drive to hike trails, relax at Virginia Key beach or explore the local cuisine.

Virginia Key
North point of Virginia Key opposite Fisher Island. (©lubright/Flickr, Creative Commons)