The Best Places to Go Salsa Dancing in Miami

For those who want to flaunt or learn salsa dance moves, here's where to find it.

Salsa music, popularized in New York in the 1970s, originated in the Caribbean (primarily Cuba and Puerto Rico). Known for its African drum rhythms and Spanish guitar, salsa nights in Miami are as hot and steamy as the weather. From off-the-beaten-path, hole-in-the-wall clubs to places with sprawling dance floors, here's where to take your dancing shoes for a twirl.

Miami Beach

From the 'hood that never sleeps comes the sensational moves of Salsa Mia. For more than 10 years, this dance club has been showing "salseros" how to dance like a pro from the Mojito room above Mango’s Tropical Café. Go for the classes, but stay for the great food, drinks and live entertainment.

At YUCA Restaurant and Lounge in the heart of Lincoln Road, you'll find a fantastic venue to learn some superstar moves or dance the night away. YUCA, which stands for Young Urban Cuban American, is a long-standing fine-dining restaurant featuring modern Cuban cuisine with signature dishes of seafood paella and oxtail stew, and a variety of tropical-flavored mojitos. It also hosts salsa dancing meet-ups and classes. 

Salsa Mia
Salsa Mia instructors teach novices and advanced dancers the fundamentals of salsa dancing from YUCA restaurant. (Courtesy Salsa Mia)

Downtown Miami/Little Havana

Take a trip to Old Havana by way of Miami at Hoy Como Ayer. This lounge tucked away in Little Havana, celebrates "today like yesterday," which is also the English translation of its name. Teeming with nostalgia and despite not having a proper dance floor, Hoy Como Ayer is a haven for son (a Cuban salsa-style dance), romantic boleros and other Latin dances.

Also in Little Havana on the famed Calle Ocho, there's the historic Ball & Chain. Step onto the dance floor or join the dancers on the bar for the liveliest night out. See a variety of artists and DJs play Cuban music and learn some spicy Latin moves.

West Miami

In addition to the restaurants and clubs, there are dance schools with salsa lessons for every level from novice to advanced. Salsa Lovers is among them. The studio near Florida International University's west campus, is well-known for its 55-minute group lessons of "rueda" or casino-style salsa. Think of it as choreographed line dancing where dance partners are exchanged like a roulette wheel. The circles can get pretty large and can accommodate 100 people dancing at one time. 

Salsa Lovers
Salsa Lovers offers private and kids dance classes in addition to group classes. (Courtesy Salsa Lovers)