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8 South Florida Spots for the Serious Craft-Beer Drinker

Here's to a heady list of Miami-area craft-beer destinations that the hops lover shouldn't miss.

Craft beers have slowly but surely been gaining in popularity, and the truth of the matter is that a carefully selected and perfectly hand-crafted beer goes a long way. South Florida is lucky enough to have some of the best breweries and beer bars on the East Coast. Here's a list of some of those places that we feel the hops-loving world should never be without.

1. Beer 360

Picanha warmer
A table-top Picanha warmer (Courtesy Beer 360)

Imagine walking into what you assumed was just another dime-a-dozen pub and you were offered 320 different bottles of beer and 40 different drafts. And did we forget to mention the juicy and hearty Brazilian food that raises the standard for all other pub grub? Here you will be spoiled. A tabletop Picanha warmer sits regally amongst the plates of Brazilian spiced sausages, fried yuca and the most refreshing beer from any country in the world. This Brazilian Gastropub is worth skipping breakfast for and staying straight through the night to watch your favorite sporting event on the surrounding plasmas. Beer 360 will surely become a fast favorite. Grand opening is Wednesday, May 21. 18090 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, 305.466.4599

2. Brewskis

Nestled in the street shops and restaurants of Sunset Place, Brewskis is no typical dive bar. Here, each beer and its originating brewery seem to have their own story, and the bartenders have no problem telling you each and every one. Much like a family you never really knew, this sanctuary makes you feel welcomed and comfortable. Dim lights and a screen TV that has been known to play classic scary movies like “Jeepers Creepers” all day allow for a huge variety of tastes and personalities to meander and sink into the plush cushions. Although the ambiance alone is worth the trip, the beer selection is just as impressive. Monthly entertainment and beer-related activities, like a beer + cupcake pairing event, line this bar’s calendar. Regardless of its narrow dimensions, Brewskis has wide-open arms for anyone in need of a break and a brew. 5835 Sunset Drive, South Miami, 305.397.8125

3. Abbey Brewing Company

Abbey Brewing choices
It's the little things that make you happy. (©Abbey Brewing Inc.)

Rooted in the middle of model-crazed, tan-loving South Beach, this cozy bar established itself as a haven for international craft beer aficionados. The Abbey is open every day from 1 pm to 5 am, serving an incredible assortment of micro-distilled spirits and a variety of hand-crafted brews that go deliciously well with the pub grub. The Abbey Brewing Company pumps out full-bodied beers, good times and a new appreciation for the long-standing tradition of craft beer. 1115 16th St., Miami Beach, 305.538.8110

4. Batch Miami

This gastropub in Brickell proves that a great restaurant and an even better bar create a recipe for success that puts other places to shame. You’d never know this trendy spot opened up just this year by strolling by its crowded and popular patio. Not only does Batch have a great selection of cold brews and cocktails (a must-try is “The Entourage” cocktail), but the staff is knowledgeable and is always eager to offer endless tutelage on pairing beers to the food. These intelligent pairings are more artwork than beer. Batch recently added self-service taps to some of the high tops surrounding the bar, making it easier to enjoy a selection of its ice-cold beers without attempting to make a hole at the bar. 30 SW 12th St., Brickell, 305.808.5555

5. The Funky Buddha Brewery

Laid-back and happy to have you, The Funky Buddha has slowly become a beacon for Floridians and a proud representation of what South Florida folk can produce. Beautiful design and a spacious bar express just how trendy and lively this beer bar is. With a set of seasonal beers, year-long brews on tap, special-release beers and a Brewery Exclusive round of beers (which are only available for a limited time and change frequently), this brewery leaves no one unsatisfied and no beer untasted. Tours for the brewery and a Brew Bus run every Saturday and Sunday: The brewery itself is an experience that shouldn't be missed, while the Brew Bus makes stops at other local breweries so the imbibed need not worry about driving yet can travel and enjoy these Florida breweries. The Funky Buddha advertises good times and never fails to deliver much more. 1201 NE 38th St., Oakland Park, 954.440.0046

6. World of Beer


World of Beer Midtown
World of Beer Midtown’s love for craft draught (©WOB Midtown)

Always a go-to place, World of Beer offers a truly relaxed and fun vibe that can make any night great. A wide selection of bottles and taps, with many revolving seasonal taps, will always keep you guessing at how many beers there really are in the world. As a loyalty-card member, we may be more partial to this bar for its Tuesday Night Trivia and live music, but it’s clear to see why the Midtown location, Kendall, and the Dadeland locations are busy on any given weeknight. A friendly and charismatic staff, incredible selections of craft beers (locally brewed and not) and some foot-tapping music complete the package. 3252 NE 1st Ave., 786.431.0347 (Midtown)

7. Fritz and Franz Bierhaus

Every Coral Gables local has at least one memory of a great night that either ended or began at this cool spot. As a traditional Austrian/German restaurant and bar, Fritz and Franz is famous for its magnetic effect on the late-night crowds and brunch fanatics alike. Old beers, new beers, vintage tubas, traditional beer steins and the liberal use of lederhosen—on both the staff and sometimes the provocative patrons—commingle to design a brilliant and fun bierhaus. Not to mention the incomparable Octoberfest celebrations, which include a band flown in from Austria to add to the traditional experience. This strategically positioned beer bar not only hosts and takes part in an endless stream of German-beer-related activities throughout the year, it also offers up a great daily experience. Understandably, the beer-drinking masses cannot get enough of Fritz and Franz Bierhaus. 60 Merrick Way, Coral Gables, 305.774.1883

8. Titanic Restaurant and Brewery

Titanic beer sampler
The beer sampler at Titanic Brewery (©Laura Aguiar)

Do not be fooled by its close proximity to the University of Miami, this bar is no rinky-dink college bar. The only thing “college” about this place is a band that appears on Tuesday nights (it draws young-looking college sophomores); that is until band members belt out smooth jazz you’d only expect from icons of a time long past. Head-to-toe in a rich, wood finish, and littered with maps and old pictures on the walls, Titanic lives up to its namesake; it’s a grand bar that’s sturdier and more tasteful than it may appear from the outside. Floridian favorites like grilled dolphin or a steamy plate of mussels bring back the tropical atmosphere we well know in an otherwise New England-style bar. Classy, upbeat and cozy, this jazzy joint delivers an assortment of house-brewed beers, all of which have a rich and delightfully complex taste. Coming here will transport you to a good time. 5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, 305.668.1742

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