5 Top Miami Mojitos

This classic drink is worth sipping when in Miami.

South Florida is known for its delicious mojitos, perfectly prepared with mint, lime, juices and a lot of sass. Here’s a look at some place with top cocktails to indulge on before, during or after your Latin meal.

Toro Toro

100 Chopin Plaza in Miami, 305.372.4710

A new take on the mojito, the sangre mojito adds punch with Solerno blood orange liqueur, lime, blood orange, and of course mint.


11401 NW 12th St. in Miami, 305.406.1002

While plenty of bars include unique flavorings in their mojitos, no one does it quite like Mojitos with 14 different variations of the classic drink, including apple, raspberry, margarita, and if you’re brave enough, 100 fuegos.

Blue Martini

900 S. Miami Ave. #250 in Miami, 305.981.2583

Just because you’re out for a night of libations doesn’t mean you have to pay for it at the gym later. With a wide assortment of drinks, Blue Martini also has skinny mojitos with your choice of flavors, including mango, dragon berry and pineapple.

Cavalli Lounge

150 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, 305.695.4191

The designer’s new restaurant didn’t leave the mojito off their menu. Dubbed the Centenario, your taste buds will notice the Ron Zacapa Rum, brown sugar cane, mint leaf and a splash of ginger ale.

Havana 1957

405 Espanola Way in Miami Beach, 305.503.3828

While mixologists have gotten creative when taking on the mojito, you can find a good ol’ classic one here with a concoction of light rum, sparkling water, lime, and a sugarcane stick.