Ask The Expert: Julian Chang

Miami native and fashion engineer Julian Chang explains how this magical city inspires art in clothing

Combine classically beautiful shapes with a youthful, modern twist and you have Julian Chang’s women’s collection. Based out of Miami, Julian Chang is a Peruvian-born designer that expresses the cool and effortless Miami lifestyle in his globally recognized collections. Where South Florida spoke with Julian about Miami as an inspiration, trends, style and Miami Swim Week.

Julian Chang

When did you fall in love with designing?

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a designer for as long as I can remember. My mother was a seamstress and it always amazed me, even as a four-year-old, to see her create something beautiful from nothing. I wanted to be the person who created beautiful things.

How do you use Miami as an inspiration in your work?

Just traveling to the studio from the beach, where I live, every day is inspiration. Driving across the causeway, seeing the dramatic skyline as the sun hits it in the morning, and then seeing all the beautiful women around the beach and in town creates daily inspiration.

What’s your favorite thing about living in Miami?

I love the glamour and excitement that is Miami. While the weather is what many people focus on, for me it is the people. The blend of locals, visiting celebrities and people from all over the world. Being part of that on a daily basis is the best thing about Miami.

What is the most satisfying thing you find about designing in this part of the world?

The bright sunshine always makes me think about colors and the Miami social scene, from clubs to the fine arts and everything in between, provides a broad pallet on which I can paint my designs. The growing Miami fashion and art scene is also creating an environment where I can interact with other designers and artists on a daily basis, and that makes us all better at what we do.

What is your favorite piece to recommend for the woman on the go? A constant traveler?

One of the wonderful aspects of most of my designs is that, with the fabric I use, they can literally be stuffed in a suitcase and pulled out and put right on, and looks fantastic. I create many designs, for example the jump suits, that are suitable for going to work in the morning and perhaps with (or even without) an accessory change, work equally well as eveningwear. 

What’s a big trend this season?

Bright colors utilized in a way to provide sophistication and sexiness. [Pieces that are] flexible and easy to coordinate, so that multiple outfits can be created with only a few pieces.

Name a couple of places you’d recommend to women visiting Miami/traveling to Miami?

Of course THE BEACH. A visit to Miami is never complete without a day on the beach. I would also recommend a day of [window] shopping in The Design District and Bal Harbour Shops, and another day at one of the many excellent spas.

Swim Week has arrived! Your show is coming up on July 16th at The Ritz-Carlton, what can we expect to see?

You will see excitement in color, sophistication and sexiness, with timeless looks that will enhance a woman’s appearance and make her feel good about herself.

When you're not designing, how would you spend your perfect day in Miami?

My perfect day in Miami would begin with brunch at Cicconi’s Restaurant in Soho House on the beach. I would then spend a couple of hours enjoying some time on the beach, a trip to Bal Harbour Shops, and perhaps a snack at one of the restaurants. Dinner on the Miami River at SeaSpice Restaurant, maybe a nightcap at Edition Hotel; love that bar. 


To see more of Julian Chang's work and see the many stores across the U.S. that carry his pieces, visit his website. Or check out the IVY Fasion show July 16th, at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Just a few pieces of Julian Chang's collection (©Julian Chang)

(©Julian Chang)

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(©Julian Chang)