A Guide to Melbourne's Best Jewellers

From the timeless appeal of a diamond to the unique charm of Australia's national gemstone, find your perfect piece at these Melbourne jewellery boutiques.

The phrase “A diamond is forever” was first coined in the 1940s—a slogan with almost as much staying power as the item it addresses. There’s still no better souvenir to commemorate a special occasion than a piece of jewellery. Here’s where to make memories in Melbourne.

Ashley Jewellers

The experience of visiting Ashley Jewellers is comparable to that of visiting a gallery: you come expecting to be inspired and surprised. The boutique, located on Collins Street, stocks a range of diamonds and pearls but specialises in pieces featuring Australia's national gemstone: the opal, of which no two stones are alike. As well as their ready-made designs, custom designs are also available.


The pleasure of having a piece of jewellery handmade especially for you is a pleasure that MDTdesign specialises in. The jewellers working under its roof are among the most skilled in the city, capable of fashioning jewellery items of all styles from scratch, from traditional designs reminiscent of fine period jewellery to contemporary pieces such as custom diamond engagement rings that reflect contemporary trends.

James Alfredson

James Alfredson, owner of eponymous jewellery boutique in the heart of Melbourne's luxury shopping district, originally studied archaeology and history—two disciplines that play perfectly into a passion for fine period and antique jewellery. The James Alfredson boutique specialises in jewellery from various periods— Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco—that nonetheless complements today's fashions.