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Five Beaches Perfect for Spring Break

Whether you are ready to “tropic like it’s hot” at a spring break party destination or just get a huge dose of ‘vitamin sea’ by the water, we have some of the best beaches that will leave you feeling "beachy keen."

Spring is finally here, and with it comes spring break. The season ushers in warmer temperatures, extra daylight hours, and more sunshine to enjoy. Everyone seems to be in a better mood coming out of the long months of winter hibernation and beyond, ready to plan a trip for spring break. 

Spring Break Beach Vacations

Picture this. The sun is kissing your face, sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing in the distance and a cocktail in hand while you sport your best “resting beach face.” It is the epitome of perfection. We are pretty sure that it won’t take much to convince you that your next vacation should involve some sand and water. ‘Tis the “sea-sun” to get some much-needed rest in, especially if it is a break from school or simply a self-care getaway.

Siesta Key, Florida

If Siesta Key sounds familiar, it is because it is the setting for MTV’s popular reality show of the same name. Siesta Key is an island located off the southwestern coast of Florida. It is across the bay from mainland Sarasota with eight miles of some of the best beaches in the United States. Siesta Beach is best known for its fine, white sand and has been described by many as the most pristine in the nation. Spring is the best time to visit, with ideal temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees with less rainfall than the summer and fall months.

Siesta Key Lifeguard Shelter Florida | WhereTraveler
Siesta Key Lifeguard Shelter (©Nathan Mullett)

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

With 12 miles of beautiful beaches, Hilton Head Island is the perfect spring break destination to enjoy the sun and sandy shores. Expect sunny days with an average high of 70 degrees. Explore the beautiful water by renting a boat or jet ski or enjoy dolphin watching in a kayak. Other water activities include parasailing, water skiing, tubing and standup paddleboarding. Rent a bike where you can cycle around the South Carolinian coast at low tide and watch the beautiful sunset. 

Sandy Beaches of Hilton Head Island | WhereTraveler
Sandy Beaches of Hilton Head Island (©Mitchell Hartley)

Venice Beach, California

While California is home to many stretches of sand, some provide a fun quirky look at California coastal life. Venice Beach is sandwiched between Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey, two other fantastic and unique beach locations themselves. Venice is famously known for its canals—while it's named after the city in Italy, the canals here look pretty different but are just as pretty. You’ll find various street vendors, shops and dining options along the beach and the nearby Abbot Kinney is home to plenty of quaint boutiques and artisanal eats. Take a visit to the Venice Beach Skate Park or the Muscle Beach Venice Hall of Fame to stretch your legs beachside and don’t forget to explore the stunning street art that’s dotted around the city. If you love seafood, make sure to indulge in one of the many beachside dining options for a fresh catch.

Venice Canals | WhereTraveler
Venice Canals (©Melanie Lee)

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is one of Hawaii’s most picturesque beaches with fine white sand, clear blue water, calm surf and a vantage point of two offshore islands known collectively as “the Mokes.” In the native language, Lanikai means “heavenly ocean.” The beach is not only famous for its beach activities, but it attracts visitors in the early morning and evening for its spectacular sunrise and sunset over the sparkling water. The beach offers almost perfect wind and wave conditions for water sports. Kayaking is popular with visitors, along with sailing and windsurfing. The beach is also a great place to snorkel, with some colorful reefs nearby. There is an abundance of aquatic activities to keep every minute of your spring vacation exciting.

Lanikai Beach Views Oahu | WhereTraveler
Lanikai Beach Views (©Amanda Phung)

The Florida Keys

If you want to party this spring break, head to Key West in the Florida Keys. It is located approximately 90 miles north of Cuba, making it Florida’s southernmost point. Although it is only about four miles long, it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It is the perfect spring break destination, with temperatures averaging in the mid to high seventies. Stay at Jules Undersea Lodge, the only underwater hotel in the United States which features lodging located 30 feet under the water. You must scuba dive to get to your room in this lodging adventure. Enjoy people-watching at Smathers Beach, Key West’s most extensive public beach. Indulge in the various water activities like jet skiing, wind and kite surfing, and kayaking. 

Southernmost Point in Key West Florida | WhereTraveler
Southernmost Point in Key West (©Jametlene)