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Cheese Tea Cafe Brings a New Asian Trend to L.A.

Jenny Zheng uses cream cheese or cheddar to make rich, fluffy latte foam at Little Fluffy Head Cafe.

Jenny Zheng doesn't see herself as an innovator, but what she is doing with tea in Los Angeles may come to revolutionize the way people drink tea across the country.

After discovering cheese tea on a trip to China, Zheng returned home determined to bring cheese tea to the masses and on Aug. 30, Little Fluffy Head Cafe opened its doors. 

"Cheese tea has been so popular in Asia, and we don’t have any problem introducing our products to Asians," said Zheng. "We are having a hard time getting Americans to try out our drinks because they don’t even want to walk into our store when they see the sign 'Cheese Tea.' There is definitely a cultural barrier that we have to break through first."

Jenny Zheng
Jenny Zheng (©Little Fluffy Head Cafe)

What customers discover when they do walk through the doors are carefully brewed teas from the highest quality tea leaves from Asia topped by Zheng's "Fluffy Cream," in white cheddar cheese or cream cheese flavors.

"All of our cheese cream is locally-sourced and hand-whipped daily in small batches using real cream cheese or white cheddar cheese," Zheng said. "Ingredients consist of whipping cream, milk and Himalayan pink salt which is what gives it the sweet and subtle salty taste." 

Ice matcha latte
"Camouflage" (©Little Fluffy Head Cafe)

In addition to the cheese tea, Little Fluffy Head Cafe offers classic teas; milk teas like the "Dirty Mess," which is black milk tea with creme brûlée on top and sprinkled with Oreos; and lattes such as the "Camouflage," an ice matcha latte with creme brûlée mixed inside.