ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus' Perfect Day in London

The creator of the new "MAMMA MIA! The Party" tells us about his favourite attractions and experiences in the capital

Björn Ulvaeus is a prolific music producer and was a member of the Swedish super-group group ABBA, which formed in 1972, along with Benny Anderson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog. He is behind the new immersive experience "MAMMA MIA! The Party" at The O2 (from 29 Aug). 

What's your favourite London landmark?

Elizabeth Tower, London, UK
Big Ben, AKA Elizabeth Tower, usually chimes across the city except during its current renovations. (© Xavierarnau/iStock)

It’s not very original, but it would have to be Big Ben. It’s such a strong symbol for London for me. I’ve seen the bell chime and heard it in films and news my whole life!

What museum or galleries do you love?

The National Gallery always works for me—there's such an immense variety of art on show.

Where do you like to shop? 

Covent Garden Market, London, UK
Covent Garden market is the focal point of the shopping neihbourhood. (©Anatoleya/iStock)

I’d go to the Covent Garden area. I’m not a Sloane Street man, really. One of my favourite items I bought was my first platform boots. Sadly I don’t have them any more, but the memory of how happy I was when I bought them still remains. I got them in the only shop in the world that carried them at the time.

What's your favourite green space?

Hyde Park, London, UK
Take in the vast expance of Hyde Park, with lakes, fountains and trees. (©Marcduf/iStock)

I’ve been running around Hyde Park many times, marvelling at the fact that London has such a huge green lung.

How do you prefer to travel in London?

River taxi, London, UK
A water taxi along the River Thames. (©Alphotographic/istock)

I love to take a water taxi on the Thames—it's such a picturesque way to get travel.

What would be your perfect evening’s entertainment?

I’d go to the theatre and watch a good play or musical together with my wife Lena. There's such a wonderful selection in London. We would probably go straight back to the hotel afterwards talking about what we’ve seen.

Where would you have dinner?

I love Scott’s in Mayfair—their Dover Sole Meuniere on the bone is my favourite dish. It's delicious.

Do you have a favourite hotel in London?

The Covent Garden Hotel. I practically lived there when we did "MAMMA MIA! The Musical" 20 years ago, and I stay there whenever I can today.

What's the best thing about "Mamma Mia! The Party"?

MAMMA MIA! The Party, London, UK
"MAMMA MIA! The Party" is a new immersive experience in London, with dinner and a show. (©Dewynters_5)

We’re living in extremely troubling times and going to the Party is a really good way to get away from it for a couple of hours (four hours, actually). You also avoid all the stress of having to rush through a pre-musical dinner and queuing up to get into some bar afterwards. It’s all wrapped in one at the Party.

What makes London stand out from the rest of the world?

It’s probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world, but it’s managed to keep it’s soul, nevertheless. If you asked me to name the capital of the world, it would be London. Sometimes when I go for a walk I ask myself what it is that I love about London, but I never seem to reach a conclusion. That’s OK. I’m content just loving it!