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Off the Strip: Red Rock Canyon

If you’re looking to explore the desert but don’t want to venture too far from the city limits, head out to Red Rock Canyon from the Las Vegas Strip.

Located just on the outskirts of Summerlin, Red Rock Canyon is about half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. With towering red rocks and a variety of desert foliage, Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful place to enjoy some fresh air and take in the view of the Las Vegas Valley below. If you’re lucky enough to be inside the park after sunset, make sure to look up- Red Rock Canyon offers some of the only local views of the stars that aren’t completely polluted by light! 

Red Rock Canyon Entrance Sign Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Red Rock Canyon Entrance Sign (©Melanie Lee)

Enjoy Scenic Views

Red Rock Canyon offers a number of hiking trails for a variety of skill levels (including a couple that are kid-friendly). Short on time? There’s a 45-minute scenic driving loop that will take you through some of the best parts of the canyon while still offering you plenty of opportunities to take some great photos. Currently, the scenic driving loop is operating on time intervals which can be reserved here or by calling 877.444.6777. 

The canyons make a fantastic backdrop no matter the season- just make sure to bring lots of water in the summer (especially if you’re planning to hike) and layers in the winter. The weather changes quickly in the canyon and due to the elevation, the area gets quite cold and prone to snow in the winter months (the canyons are still stunning under a blanket of snow). Always make sure to wear close-toed shoes- rattlesnakes, scorpions and other desert critters live in these mostly undisturbed parts. Hoping for some cuter wildlife? The surrounding roads outside of the Conservation Area may offer you opportunities to see wild hare, desert tortoises and burros—just don’t get too close!

Red Rock Canyon View From Scenic Loop | WhereTraveler
Red Rock Canyon View From Scenic Loop (©Melanie Lee)

Start Exploring

Be prepared to pay a fee to enter the National Conservation Area: $15 for cars and trucks, $10 for motorcycles and $4 for bicycles and pedestrians. The Conservations Area is open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Daily depending on weather. 

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center- 702.515.5350. 3205 State Highway 159, Bureau of Land Management