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Immersive Exhibits in Las Vegas

These hot Las Vegas exhibits are too Insta-worthy to miss.

Are you looking for some fun indoor exhibits and spots for the perfect selfie? We were invited to check out each of these spots during hosted media events so that we could share the experiences with you here. Read along below for a look at what you can expect in each of these exhibits that provide the best backdrops for your Vegas selfies.

Five Immersive Experiences in Las Vegas

Wink World

Art meets mirrors and music at Wink World inside AREA15. Within the small spaces of this psychedelic exhibit, viewers take short journeys via mirrored infinity rooms. Each area is designed to expand viewers' minds to new possibilities through light and sound.

The brilliant lights and colors combine to transport guests to different experiences in each individual space. The rooms are small, but group sizes are controlled to encourage social distancing. Wink World is located inside AREA15. 

Wink World Entrance Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Wink World Entrance (©Melanie Lee)

Selfie World

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a family photo or fun selfie, look no further. Selfie Wrld at Town Square Las Vegas provides a large variety of themed spaces for visitors to take their photos (and lots of room for social distancing).

Each guest has an hour to make their way through the spaces, and each party gets at least one large selfie ring light (especially helpful if you’re visiting alone). Changing rooms are located onsite as well in case you need to make a wardrobe switch.

Selfie Space at Selfie Wrld Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Selfie Space at Selfie Wrld (©Melanie Lee)

Omega Mart

Likely the most famous of all immersive experiences, Meow Wolf brings its Omega Mart to AREA15. It's impossible to miss the massive storefront inside AREA15; however, this store has numerous secrets for those who explore the hidden depths within. Through various sections of the store, visitors can enter through portals that take them to a completely new, mysterious world. A trip to Omega Mart is almost like a journey through virtual reality without the VR set.

Explore the story behind Omega Mart throughout the experience and take your time- some visitors spend half the day here. There are plenty of hidden surprises waiting inside and many visitors will never find all of them during their first visit. Open the doors, explore the slides and make sure to take lots and lots of photos along the way.

Inside the Portal at Omega Mart by Meow Wolf Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Inside the Portal at Omega Mart by Meow Wolf (©Melanie Lee)

Museum Fiasco

Take a trip through light and sound at Museum Fiasco, located inside AREA15. The large mirrored space allows the lights to create a fully immersive experience. The exhibits change frequently, so you might never have the same experience twice. The room is huge, so there’s plenty of space to social distance comfortably, and the mirrors ensure everyone has a great view from anywhere inside. 

Cluster at Museum Fiasco's Newest Display "Stellar" Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
The cluster at Museum Fiasco's Newest Display "Stellar" (©Anthony Mair)