Five Local Las Vegas Spas

Whether you need a massage to detox from last night's partying or want to freshen up the skin for tonight's shenanigans, Las Vegas' premier spas located off the Strip have a treatment for all wellness seekers.

After a day of indulging in the party-centric scene known as the Las Vegas Strip, chances are you are ready to veer off the beaten path where you can relax and recharge so you can do it all over again in a few hours. We get it. Taking a trip to the spa is not just about getting pampered; it's about making wellness a priority, especially when you are on vacation.

Step off the Vegas Strip, where the locals go to escape from the stress of everyday life. While there are countless luxurious spas on the Strip, you may want to take a break from the neon lights and crowds of tourists for a more serene setting. They are also a little easier on the wallet.

Relaxing Off-Strip Spas in Las Vegas

The Red Rock Spa by Well & Being

One of the crème de la crème of spa resorts is located just twenty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The Red Rock Spa by Well & Being at Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa in Summerlin has received the four-star rating, a designation signifying it among the finest spas in the world by Forbes.

The salon and spa offer fully customized wellness experiences for head-to-toe pampering with body scrubs and wraps, massage therapies, and facial and skincare services. Try the "Red Rock Recovery Massage" after a night out. This invigorating massage helps to ward off stress, strengthen vascular tissue and aids in lymphatic drainage using a blend of cypress, lemongrass and rosemary.

If you need a little more help recovering, try the "Tandem Massage." Two therapists work in unison using four hands to massage in rhythmic tandem. You'll receive twice the healing benefits all in one session. 

Facial Treatment at Red Rock Spa by Well & Being Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Facial Treatment (Courtesy Red Rock Spa by Well & Being)

The Spa at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

The on-site spa at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas is a haven of tranquility with a flurry of services designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Try the "Waking Up in Vegas" recovery facial to help you look like you got all eight hours of sleep and get you photo-ready for those selfies on the Strip! Five natural "plantfoliants" are used to help bring your skin back to life, followed by a soothing avocado mask to replenish moisture.

Plump and replenish your skin with the "Wrap Recovery Mode-Detoxifying and Toning Body Wrap." The spa treatment begins with an invigorating citrus sea salt scrub followed by a Nopal gel to aid in toning and detoxing the skin.

The Salt Room


The Salt Room is the first Salt Therapy Center in Las Vegas and Henderson. Salt therapy is thought to have an array of benefits, from aiding in respiratory and allergy issues to alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression.

More than a traditional spa, The Salt Room provides a holistic environment that mimics a salt cave. Salt is infused into the air of the salt rooms removing allergens and toxins from sinuses and lungs. Try the "Ancient Himalayan Hot Stone Massage," a combination of traditional massage techniques and the healing powers of heated Himalayan salt.

Rocks are placed on the body's energy points to encourage the body's healing potential while the heat helps relax the muscles and aid in stress relief. You can also bring your partner with you for a "Couples Aroma Massage." 

Massage at The Salt Room Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Massage (Courtesy The Salt Room)

A Touch of Las Vegas Spa

You would have to try hard not to be pampered at A Touch of Las Vegas Spa. From the private hot tubs to full-body massages, every service here screams self-care sanctuary. Melt the stress away in blissful solitude in a private hot tub room. The private relaxation rooms also feature a steam room and infrared sauna.

Try the "Scrubs and Wraps with Massage" treatment with detoxifying (Green Tea) or hydrating (Volcanic) options to help you unwind. You can roll in style with the "Rolls Royce Experience." In conjunction with a spa or body treatment, you can book the Rolls Royce Phantom for pick-up and drop-off service by a private chauffeur.

Luxury Thai Spa

Luxury Thai Spa's serene environment and beautiful décor are a welcome sight for anyone looking for an authentic Thai massage from seasoned professionals. Try their "Traditional Thai" massage, which can be likened to a yoga massage. It involves a combination of pressure and stretching to help relieve pain due to repetitive stress or overworked muscles. An improved range of motion should be felt after each treatment, along with increased energy.