Las Vegas Restaurants: Where to Find Bomb Diggity Hot Dogs

The best hot dogs in Las Vegas include everything from classic deli dogs to the trendy Korean hotdog on a stick.

Summer is officially here, and inevitably, there will be pool parties and backyard celebrations. People will be firing up their grills, and rest assured, there will be plenty of hot dogs. A recent survey by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council states that more than $7.68 Billion was spent on hot dogs and sausages in US supermarkets in 2020.

The Best Hot Dogs in Vegas

These days, there are many creative ways to enjoy a hot dog. There is, of course, the traditional hot dog in a bun, but the toppings have progressed to more than just onions, cheese and chili. The corndog has evolved into the Korean hot dog, which takes the traditional corndog on a stick to a whole new level.

Las Vegas will always be "extra" in so many ways, from our glitzy lights to our fancy food; hot dogs are no exception. Discover ten must-try places that give the hot dog its "Diggity" middle name.

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs

This gourmet hot dog spot is one you should not miss when in Las Vegas. The name is a play on the Korean bulgogi dish. You can expect the menu items to be infused with Korean flavors like kimchi and bulgogi, which can both be found on the "Angry Kimchi Gourmet Hot Dog." I was invited to try the gourmet dogs, and a personal favorite is the "Gang Nam," a hot dog topped with roast pork belly, cucumber, nori flakes and a Korean chili sauce. Numerous other Asian influences can be found on the menu, such as the Vietnamese-inspired "Banh Mi Gourmet Hot Dog" topped with bacon, banh mi slaw and sriracha aioli. 

Exotic Hot Dogs at Buldogis Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Exotic Hot Dogs (©Ching Almazan)

American Coney Island

American Coney Island brings the taste of Detroit to Las Vegas. Located on  Fremont Street at The D Las Vegas, the 103-year-old family-run business made culinary history with its combination of a hot dog with chili, onions, and mustard. American Coney Island was founded by the Keros Family, Greek Immigrants who owned and managed the establishment for three generations. Don't forget to grab some chili cheese fries with the "Coney Island Hot Dog."

CrunCheese Korean Hot Dog

CrunCheese adds a new twist to the traditional corn dogs with Korean hot hogs. The hot dogs are coated with a dairy-free batter and freshly made with an array of topping options like mozzarella, cheddar cheese, potatoes and even squid ink. Each hot dog is rolled in breadcrumbs to make them extra crispy. Fan favorites include the mozzarella and sausage and the "Potato Hot Dog" lined with potato cubes. 

Korean Hot Dogs at CrunCheese Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Korean Hot Dogs at CrunCheese (©Mike Kim)

Dirt Dog Las Vegas

Dirt Dog, with its elevated street food menu, specializes in the bacon-wrapped hot dog. One of the most popular dogs is the "Dirty Chili Dog" served on a lobster roll with house-made chorizo chili, onions, melted cheese, bacon crumbles and cilantro. Make sure you try "Snoop's Dogg" (yes, named after the rapper), a 100% all-beef dog wrapped in bacon. In the bun is Gin N' Juice Ketchup and on the dog is Doggy-Style BBQ sauce, Grandma Slaw and Billionaire Bacon.

Haute Doggery

If you are looking for a hot dog fix on the Las Vegas Strip, Haute Doggery is the place to go, located within the Linq Promenade, the Strip's open-air retail, dining and entertainment district. The menu offers "Retro Dogs" and "Haute Specialties," taking menu inspiration from around the country with customer favorites like the "Mac & Cheese Dog" and the "Hangover Dog". The latter is topped with barbeque brisket, grilled onions, jalapenos, cheese and bacon bits. These are the perfect grab-and-go meal on the Strip. 

Assorted Hot Dogs at Haute Doggery Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Assorted Hot Dogs (Courtesy Haute Doggery Las Vegas)

Mochinut Las Vegas

If you can get past the delicious Mochi doughnuts, you will discover that Mochinut specializes in Korean-style hot dogs as well. The popular flavor is the "Crispy Ramen Korean Hot Dog" which is deep-fried with ramen noodles outside the hot dog coating. The hot dog on a stick is rolled in a rice flour batter then deep-fried to give it the crispy coating.

Money, Baby!

Money, Baby!, located at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, is not only a sports betting and entertainment venue, but it also has interactive games, and a restaurant all rolled into its 15,000 square foot location. Bar food favorites include the Homewrecker Dogs. The Home Wrecker is a whopping 18-inch all-beef hot dog, available in four mouthwatering versions: "Chicago style," "Boss Hog," "Reuben Dog" and "Banh Mi." We bet the odds of you liking these hot dogs are pretty high. 

Boss Hog Dog at Money, Baby! Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Boss Hog Dog at Money, Baby! (©Melanie Lee)

Shake Shack

While Shake Shack may be famous for its burgers, a little-known fact is that it started as a hot dog cart twenty years ago. Let's talk "Flat-Top Dogs" for the less frilly, classic hot dog lover. The signature Flat-Top Dog is made using only 100% Vienna Beef with no hormones or antibiotics. Every dog is split, and griddled crisp, then served on a non-GMO Martin's potato roll. They are simple and to the point. 

Flat-Top Hot Dog at Shake Shack Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Flat-Top Dog (Courtesy Shake Shack)

Rockhouse Las Vegas

The mini corndogs at Rockhouse Las Vegas may be the smallest in size on our list but grand in taste. These mini corndogs are the perfect cornmeal battered appetizers served with a honey mustard dipping sauce and French fries. Rockhouse Las Vegas is located inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort and even has live music to enjoy while munching on the mini dogs. 

Tailgate Social at Palace Station

There is probably nothing better than grabbing a cold drink, a jumbo chili cheese hot dog, and watching the game at a cozy sports bar. This is what you get at Tailgate Social. The jumbo chili cheese hot dog is topped with Coney Island chili, gooey cheese sauce, BBQ aioli, crispy onions and chives. 

Jumbo Chilli Cheese Dog at Tailgate Social Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Jumbo Chilli Cheese Dog at Tailgate Social (©Ivan Avila)