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Pet-Friendly Las Vegas: Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops Raising the Bark in Las Vegas

Mornings can be pretty "ruff," but we are "pawsitive" that a cup of coffee with your best friend in your favorite coffee shop will put you in a better mood.

Since the world has been staying home so much in the last year or so, our pups have become spoiled with all of the attention they have been receiving from us. Nowadays, they are genuinely confused when we have to run an errand without them. With so many of us returning to work, our pets are probably feeling more than a little concerned about the lack of attention they are now receiving compared to last year. "Mutts," be honest, as a devoted fur mom or dad, you probably feel a bit guilty leaving your pup alone, even if it’s just to grab a relaxing cup of coffee. 

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops

Luckily, Las Vegas is a very dog-friendly city! While we know it isn’t exactly true, we would like to think that even the ever-popular Vegas performer, Elvis Presley, had a particular pet-friendly song, “Hound Dog.” Regardless of whether that is true, we know plenty of establishments that raise the bark on welcoming our pups with open paws. Never fear—we’ve rounded up some great options for perfect dog-friendly coffee shop visits. 

3940 Coffee and Tea 

3940 Coffee and Tea is the perfect stop for a quick bite or signature coffee. Inspired by the shaded area of a sun-drenched desert, both you and your fur-baby can unwind by the marble fireplace or lounge on 3940’s comfortable plush sofas. Cool off with an iced “Caramel Macchiato,” or savor one of 3940’s specialty coffees like the “S’mores Mocha.” The 16-ounce drink is a sweet way to start the day with its mixture of mocha, espresso, marshmallow whipped cream and a Graham topping.

3940 Coffee and Tea is located at Delano Las Vegas, an all-suite dog-friendly boutique resort located on the Las Vegas Strip. When staying at Delano, your doggy will be pampered with a Doggie Butler Service, Doggie Delights Menu and Dog Sitting Service. 

Coffee at 3940 Coffee and Tea (Courtesy MGM Resorts International) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Coffee at 3940 Coffee and Tea (Courtesy MGM Resorts International) 

Bungalow Coffee Co.

Bungalow Coffee Co. is located in the Las Vegas Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas. The owners aim to create an ambiance that promotes personal connections amongst the unique, vibrant community of Las Vegas. “Fur-tunately,” dogs are welcome here, too, with a doggy bed available if your furry friend wants to chill while you enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage. Try the specialty lattes like the “Bungalow Matcha,” which combines matcha, sweet bean vanilla syrup and oat milk, then sprinkled with cinnamon maple dust on top.

Makers & Finders

Makers & Finders features a robust coffee program that ensures every guest will find something perfect for them. The dog-friendly tables outside are the ideal place for you and your pup to explore the menu, which features a Coffee Bar with offerings like “Cold Brew” and “Café Con Leche,” a Matcha Bar with a “Matcha Green Tea Latte” and “Matcha Bulletproof” and an Espresso Bar with a wide range of choices including a “Cuban Espresso.” The lineup of lattes includes the “Honey Vanilla Latte,” a delicious blend of cinnamon and vanilla flavors. 

Makers & Finders Exterior (©Adrienne Lopez) Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Makers & Finders Exterior (©Adrienne Lopez)

Public Works Coffee Bar 

Public Works Coffee Bar is a small, independently owned business located in the Water District in Henderson. The coffee bar serves espressos, classic coffee, and specialty blended drinks using locally sourced vendors. As part of Public Works’ Barista Specialty menu, the “Campfire S’mores Blended Latte” features a decadent combination of chocolate syrup, milk, rich whipped cream, crisp graham crackers and marshmallows and can be ordered with or without espresso. It’s a popular drink with Public Works guests. An elevated pet-friendly patio is located in the front portion of the coffee bar on Water Street, where you can enjoy some people and pooch watching with your pup. 

Campfire S'Mores Latte (©Claire Kimsey) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Campfire S'Mores Latte (©Claire Kimsey)

MadHouse Coffee

Pups are welcome on the outdoor patio at MadHouse Coffee. Good boys and girls may even receive a special treat from the friendly staff. The coffee house serves a large selection of coffee, lattes and espressos, making it the perfect place for your next date with your pup. Featured specialty drinks include the “Monkey Mocha,” an ice-blended mocha blended with peanut butter and banana chocolate chips. Be sure to try the “Nutella White Chocolate Mocha.” The drink is Madhouse Coffee’s best seller with a blend of delicious white cholate and Nutella flavors. Enjoy it hot or over ice—both are equally delicious.

MadHouse Coffee is conveniently located near Desert Breeze Park, which has a fully fenced dog park with two separate areas for big and small dogs. A visit to the dog park is a great way to cap off the perfect outing with your pup.