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Las Vegas Restaurants: A Taco Tour

The best taco shops in Las Vegas.

Everyone loves tacos, whether you like them soft, hard-shelled, piled with meat, vegetarian, street-style or loaded up with guac and cheese. The handheld Mexican food is legitimately an American diet staple these days, and Vegas has a wide variety of terrific tacos in town. Some places even go the extra mile to make their own tacos and salsas, but every taqueria has its own unique way of doing them deliciously.

Taco y Taco

This street taco-style spot was opened by two sisters on the east side in 2012 and is set up like a traditional market. Each protein has a different station, and meats are cooked up fresh to order, piled into tortillas, made into quesadillas or mulitas, or wrapped in a burrito. Taco y Taco also has sopes, tostadas and fries, if that’s not enough variety for you. If you have a group or large order, it’s best to divide and conquer to get your food faster. Don’t forget the grilled onions and peppers at their salsa bar! 

Tacos at Taco Y Taco (©Stefany Volmer) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Tacos at Taco Y Taco (©Stefany Volmer) 

Tacos & Beer

Located just off the Strip on Paradise Road, Tacos & Beer LV boasts a wide variety of both of their namesake offerings. With over seventeen tacos and an extensive list of lagers, IPAs, ciders and stouts, both eaters and drinkers are bound to find something they like. Protein offerings range from beer-battered avocado and vegan Korean barbecue to traditional carne asada, puerco verde and Baja-style fish. The best combination of tacos and beer is their beef barbacoa taco, slow roasted with chili and stout beer, topped with cilantro and onions. Great place to go with a group, daily happy hour available from 3 p.m.-6 p.m.

Casa Playa

For a truly decadent taco experience, visit the brand new Casa Playa inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. We were invited to attend the hosted grand opening and found the wagyu carne asada tacos to be a fantastic elevated option for taco lovers (you'll want to get two orders). Casa Playa also serves Baja fried fish tacos and a "Branzino a La Talla" served in two different sizes for a build-your-own taco experience that's out of this world. 

Wagyu Carne Asada Tacos at Casa Playa Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Wagyu Carne Asada Tacos at Casa Playa (©Melanie Lee)

El Dorado Cantina

Now a well-known staple in Vegas, El Dorado Cantina originally opened adjacent to a strip club in an industrial area off the Strip. Besides that unique location, they’re known for their commitment to making nutritious Mexican food with organic and non-GMO ingredients. They famously do not have microwaves or canned food in their kitchens, and everything is made fresh daily from sustainable ingredients. Now up to three locations around town, all are beautifully decorated and offer slightly different menus with fajitas, burritos and enchiladas alongside their many tacos. 

Filet Mignon Tacos (Courtesy El Dorado Cantina) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Filet Mignon Tacos (Courtesy El Dorado Cantina) 

Bomb Tacos

Brace yourself for a flavor explosion at Bomb Tacos! Chef Robert Solano operates two locations in Vegas to showcase his massive and flavorful taco menu. All locations feature hand-painted Mexican art and colorful furniture, as well as a mix of vegan, traditional and more modern tacos. The crispy carnitas and rock shrimp are two standouts, but they often feature daily specials like birria and grilled octopus that are worth crossing town. Try to time your visit for a Tuesday, when they offer their traditional street tacos as a 5/$10 steal of a deal.


As the name indicates, Bajamar specializes in California-style seafood tacos with a surf shack vibe. Their famous Spicy Octopus tacos and fresh ceviche tostadas make this place stand out and are the best picks for first-time visitors. Bajamar is one of few places in Vegas that offer a traditional Gobernador taco, with grilled shrimp, pico de gallo, cabbage and a blanket of melty mozzarella drizzled with chipotle and aioli sauces. Pair your meal with a beachy beer or michelada to get the whole experience. 

Tacos at Bajamar (©Stefany Volmer) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Tacos at Bajamar (©Stefany Volmer) 

Sin Fronteras Tacos

This cozy restaurant is in a northwest area neighborhood, serving up “tacos without borders.” The menu at Sin Fronteras Tacos isn’t particularly adventurous and features the expected variety of proteins and seafood options, but everything is made homestyle with so much love. Their slow-simmered beans and soft Mexican rice are worth splurging for a plate to get a full meal. Sin Fronteras Tacos is also one of the few places that offer a hard-shell taco option made from a fresh-fried tortilla. Be sure to order extra salsa.

Borracha Mexican Cantina

Located inside Green Valley Ranch Resort, Borracha Mexican Cantina serves up fantastic flavors, happy hour specials and at-home feasts. In the mood for some unique tastes? Get the "Crispy Dynamite Shrimp Tacos." The "shells" are made with jicama for a delightful crunch (we tried them recently during a hosted press visit, and trust us—you'll want to order a dozen of these). The happy hour specials are a great way to try out the menu with $8 food items and select drinks. And Taco Tuesday is a real thing here- Borracha Mexican Cantina has a $24 all-you-can-eat taco special that includes bottomless tequila and margaritas. 

Crispy Dynamite Shrimp Tacos at Borracha Mexican Cantina Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Crispy Dynamite Shrimp Tacos at Borracha Mexican Cantina (©Melanie Lee)

Frijoles & Frescas 

Open since 2014 with a cute sombrero-decked bean on their sign, Frijoles and Frescas isn’t trying to be fancy. Make your choice from six types of meat, two seafood options, or go veggie - the standard taco here comes with beans, a crispy cheese blanket, avocado, sour cream and pico de gallo. The combination of red salsa, green guacamole and white crema represent the colors of the Mexican flag and home to Chef Alberto. They also offer mini tacos with just cilantro and onions if you want to go more basic, but the loaded tacos are the real crowd-pleaser. Round out your taco feast with a refreshing agua fresca and roll yourself home. With six locations around town opened in as many years, they’re well worth seeking out. 

Tacos at Frijoles and Frescas (©Stefany Volmer) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Tacos at Frijoles and Frescas (©Stefany Volmer)