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A Taste of Ibiza in Las Vegas at The Mayfair Supper Club

Lío Ibiza takes over The Mayfair Supper Club through November 3.

One of the most difficult reservations to get in Las Vegas, The Mayfair Supper Club, is kicking things up a notch with the Lío Ibiza takeover. We were invited to a media preview of the event, and it was a nonstop party from the minute we walked into the room. 

Lío Ibiza Meets Vegas

The Lío Ibiza takeover (dubbed Lío Vegas) takes place through November 3, so make sure you book ASAP to check out this fantastic show.

One of the most renowned venues in Europe, Lío Ibiza ended its season in Spain in early October before making its way to Las Vegas. Part club, part restaurant and part show, Lío Ibiza brings its high-energy show to the Bellagio Las Vegas. 

We talked with Adam Ainouz, one of the leading performers, about his experience bringing Lío Ibiza to Las Vegas. "I was quite nervous about taking the show to Las Vegas," he told us. "The United States is known to have so many great talented artists, and I kept asking myself if we would be welcomed by the audience here. Luckily the whole thing has turned out to be pretty successful, and the people here are the best." Lío Ibiza's talented performers are genuinely top-notch—Ainouz was recently a contestant on the Spanish version of "The Voice."

So how does the scene in Las Vegas compare to the one in Ibiza? "I feel like both Ibiza and Las Vegas are iconic party and holiday destinations where people go to have fun, experience unique and different, maybe provocative things," he explained. "It's clear that people are more open to meet and connect and that makes a really good atmosphere for us to work in."

Lío Ibiza Cast at The Mayfair Supper Club Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Lío Ibiza Cast at The Mayfair Supper Club (©Javier Gonzalez/Courtesy Pacha Group)

Show Experience

We walked into The Mayfair Supper Club at 9 p.m. to a stage just starting up—dancers and vocalists were getting the crowd warmed up for the night ahead. If you’ve ever visited The Mayfair Supper Club on a regular night, be prepared for a completely different experience (if you haven’t visited before, read about the experience here). While the traditional performance showcases the warmth and elegance of a classic cabaret, the performers from Lío Ibiza bring the all-out party experience of an Ibiza nightclub along with a variety show of unexpected acts. The only performers from the original show at The Mayfair Supper Club are the stunning Fountains of Bellagio, which make the perfect backdrop for a fantastic evening out. 

Performers From Lío Ibiza Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Performers From Lío Ibiza

Dining Delights

The limited event features multi-talented performers along with a special edition menu. “Lío’s premiere at The Mayfair deserves a menu filled with flavorful and fun menu concepts,” said Bellagio Executive Chef Nathan Frost in a recent press release. “We took the core elements of American supper club culinary culture and infused it with Mediterranean ingredients and style to create memorable dishes during the show’s limited engagement.” Two prix-fixe menus are offered during the event, and a three-course menu is available for $175 while the five-course menu rings up at $250 (and features the famous Mayfair Cigar for dessert)—both are significantly less expensive than a ticket to Spain. 

The Cigar at The Mayfair Supper Club Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
The Cigar at The Mayfair Supper Club (©Melanie Lee)

An Unforgettable Night

The evening ended after midnight (and let's be honest, past our bedtime), following a nonstop showcase of musical talent, dance numbers and several surprising performances. Despite the long night, we were sad to see it end. Though the show’s debut was delayed a few days as the troupe made their way over from Spain, the arrival of Lío Ibiza was undoubtedly worth the wait. Reservations are a must and can be made here

Lío Ibiza's Mar Canadell Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Lío Ibiza's Mar Canadell (Courtesy Pacha Group)