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Las Vegas Drinks: Breweries and Beer Experiences

Las Vegas may not be at the top of mind when it comes to beer, but Sin City is home to many local breweries worth checking out.

Did you know that Las Vegas is home to numerous local breweries? With plenty of fantastic local craft beer options, DIY kits, and experiences from some famous names, the beer scene in Las Vegas is anything but ordinary. Check out these great local breweries and beer experiences all around the Las Vegas Valley.

Guinness Store 

Dublin isn’t the only place where you can learn to pour the perfect pint. Located inside the Shops at Mandalay Place, the Guinness Store sells all things Guinness and offers you the opportunity to pour your own pint- an experience that’s straight out of the world-famous Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to pouring your pint, you can find all things Guinness inside the store- from snacks to apparel. 

Guinness Pint Glass Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Guinness Pint Glass (©Eric Jacobson/Unsplash)

Vegas Homebrew 

If you’re hoping to enjoy a great beer experience at home, check out the DIY kits at Vegas Homebrew. With over a dozen different types of homebrew kits, owner Steve Berg (who has been brewing since 1993), suggests finding a recipe for your favorite brew online and then collecting the materials here to make your own. Fun fact- many local breweries purchased supplies from Vegas Home Brew to get their kitchens started. 

Vegas Homebrew Interior Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Vegas Homebrew Interior (Courtesy Vegas Homebrew)

Crafthaus Brewery 

One of the most famous local breweries, Crafthaus Brewery has two locations in Las Vegas with taprooms and under 21 spaces in both, so you can bring the whole family (think Rock Em Sock Em Robots). Try out one of their beer flights with a charcuterie board or giant pretzel. Curbside pick-up is available. Hours vary daily by location and day of the week. 

Crafthaus Taproom Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Crafthaus Taproom (Courtesy Crafthaus Brewery)

Trustworthy Brewing Co. 

If you’re trying to remain on the Strip, Trustworthy Brewing Co. is easy to find inside the Grand Canal Shoppes (on the Palazzo side) and is the Strip’s only craft brewery. You can build your own flight and enjoy it with the full food menu or take a fresh four-pack to-go. Make sure to ask about their limited edition brews as well. 

Trustworthy Brewing Co. Entrance Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Trustworthy Brewing Co. Entrance (© Eugene Dela Cruz for Trustworthy Brewing Co.)

Ellis Island Casino Hotel & Brewery 

Just a short walk from the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find Ellis Island- a family-owned hotel, casino, and brewery combo that’s perfect for beer lovers. Since 1998, the brewery has climbed to the top of local brewery lists (according to their website, they annually serve close to 2 million glasses). Visit The Front Yard to try their classics, small-batch brews, or beer flights- you can even build your own. While classic Ellis Island brews are available at all the bars and restaurants located inside the property, there are an additional seven beers brewed exclusively for The Front Yard.

The Front Yard at Ellis Island Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
The Front Yard at Ellis Island (Courtesy The Front Yard)

Lovelady Brewing Company 

A family-owned and operated brewery that celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, Lovelady Brewing Company provides a taproom experience with both pet and kid-friendly spaces. The head brewer, Richard Lovelady, has over two decades of brewing experience. With strong ties to the Henderson community, Linda Lovelady explains, “The business works not just to exist in the community but to have a symbiotic relationship with the community where we are giving back as much as we are taking.” Curbside pick-up is available. 

Lovelady Brewing Company Exterior Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Lovelady Brewing Company Exterior (©Courtney Lindemann)

Bad Beat Brewing 

This poker-themed brewery has Vegas written all over it. The taproom at Bad Beat Brewing offers eight brewery staples and a rotating list of eight brews (new ones are offered each month). The space inside is well equipped with entertainment options and has a thorough sanitation schedule to keep visitors safe. Curbside pick-up is available. 

Bad Beat Brewing Taproom Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Bad Beat Brewing Taproom (©Nathan Hall)

Able Baker Brewing 

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas, Able Baker Brewing combines craft beer made in-house with a fantastic food menu from Ad Craft Kitchen. The brewery offers numerous options on tap, including a Classic Kombucha Gingerberry and Chris Kael’s Root Beer’d (try it in one of their root beer floats). Brewery tours are currently on hold but will resume when the brewery is back in full operation. Fun fact- the location of the brewery was once a furniture store. 

Able Baker Brewing View Las Vegas, Nevada | WhereTraveler
Able Baker Brewing View (Courtesy Able Baker Brewing)