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Las Vegas Bakeries- A Culinary World Tour

One of the best things about Las Vegas is the cultural diversity of its residents and the delicious foods they share!

Learning about other groups through their food has long been a fun and educational way to learn about another country's people and practices. Baked goods, in particular, are more appealing and less intimidating than other foods, making them the perfect culinary gateway to more adventurous eating!

Jo's Malasadas

Jo's Malasadas is primarily known for their namesake malasadas: a fried yeast donut, typically coated with sugar, often with flavored fillings. The small, bright location has cheerful counter service and a jam-packed case of pastries and desserts with a tropical twist. Customers can find bakery favorites like croissants and cannoli alongside Hawaiian-style cream puffs and Filipino yema custard. Ube, haupia, and mango flavors are popular here, and savory goodies like spam musubi and empanadas. Pick out a few items to share with a friend for dine-in service or grab a box to take home. 

Chocolate Cake at Jo's Malasadas Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Chocolate Cake (Courtesy @amirhangry/Jo's Malasadas)

 German Bread Bakery

German couple, Michael and Uta, opened the German Bread Bakery in 2011 to share their culinary talents and German pastries with Las Vegas. German Bread Bakery has two locations in Las Vegas including one in Henderson and one in Summerlin. You'll find an overwhelming selection of baked goods here including pretzels, cakes and of course, strudel. Make sure to visit around the holidays too, as you'll find a selection of delicious holiday specials and imported-German treats of all kinds. 

Apple Strudel (©Adrian Frentescu) | WhereTraveler
Apple Strudel (©Adrian Frentescu) 

Empanada Factory

Empanada Factory specializes in handmade Argentinian empanadas! These flaky packages of goodness envelop flavorful Latin fillings like seasoned beef, shredded chicken and ham and cheese. They also have a handful of vegetarian options, as well as some seasonal specials. For a unique and helpful touch, the empanadas are seared with the filling name on the outside, so there's no guesswork trying to figure out which one you're about to eat! You can special order these treats for pickup or delivery or keep an eye out for them at local farmer's markets and community events.

Blooming Buns Bakehouse

Located in the Centennial area, Blooming Buns Bakehouse is a creative artisan bakery specializing in brioche donuts and beignets. Their signature scratch-made buttery brioche dough is made fresh each day and fermented overnight for a donut base that is lighter and fluffier due to the high butter content.  These donuts are large and beautifully decorated, in a wide range of gourmet flavors, including Nutella,  cookie butter, dulce de leche and a savory everything bagel option. Oversized Cookie Buns are also available, a cookie-muffin hybrid that is soft and gooey inside, along with coffee and "oatchata" beverages.


Frenchman Jonathan Pluvinet traveled the world before opening this cozy European-style bakery. The spacious cafe oozes old-world charm, with charming nooks to catch up with friends over French pastries, desserts and light lunch dishes. As you queue up to make your selections at Rosallie, the display of croissants and other classic pastries will have you constantly changing and adding to your order. It's a great place to meet up with a group for breakfast or lunch and share a variety of goodies!

Burgundy French Bakery Cafe & Bistro

When the executive chef and co-founder is a world-renowned chocolatier, you know you're in for a delicious time! Florent Cheveau and his wife Audrey opened Burgundy to showcase authentic French food from their hometown. The warm and inviting location feels like it's been there for years, with a charming atmosphere featuring French art and newspapers. The macarons at Burgundy French Bakery Cafe & Bistro, eclairs and cakes fill the "sweet" side of the pastry case, and they also have frittatas and sandwiches available if you're looking for something more substantial.

L'elysee Bakery

Tucked into Chinatown, this bakery offers cakes, breads and chocolates from all over the globe in one location. Chefs Cory and Jesus use classic French techniques to make top-quality desserts and breads. Due to their unbeatable quality, L'elysee Bakery supplies both breads and desserts to several Strip casinos and local restaurants. Their custom special-occasion cakes and chocolate shoes are some of the most popular items, and L'elysee Bakery also recently expanded the menu to offer dine-in breakfast and lunch dishes. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies at L'Elysee Bakery and Café Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Chocolate Chip Cookies at L’Elysee Bakery & Café (©Aileen Duffek)

Pasabocas Colombia Bakery

From the Colombian word for "snack," Pasabocas Colombia Bakery is filled with sweet and savory treats to ruin your dinner. Tucked into an unassuming strip mall on the east side, you'll enter to the heavenly smell of fresh baked goods and hot coffee. In addition to the many traditional breads and pastries available, this bakery has Alfajores; caramel sandwich cookies dusted with powdered sugar. The churros and buñuelos are also a great choice and anything you get pairs well with their fresh-made coffee or espresso.