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The Expert's Guide to Las Vegas: Concierge For MGM Resorts

"Try places that are only here in Vegas. Have a list and reservations ready, so you aren't trying to get into places last minute."- Norma Cabrera, Concierge for MGM Resorts

Expert Tips From a Local Concierge

Nobody knows a city like the local concierge team. With the inside track on all the best places to dine, shows to see and things to do, they're a wealth of knowledge for all travelers. We talk with a top local hotel concierge in Las Vegas to get the inside scoop on all their expert tips.

Norma Cabrera, Concierge for MGM Resorts

WT: Why do you refer your guests to WhereTraveler, and what makes WhereTraveler an important resource for you?
Cabrera: WhereTraveler has introduced me to several venues that I may have overlooked or was even unaware of and showed us how special these places are. 

WT: What are your best tips for exploring Vegas like a local?
Cabrera: Definitely go off-strip. Check out Chinatown, the Arts District, Fremont East and maybe even some of our local casinos. 

WT: Where's the best place to take kids of all ages?
Cabrera: A classic is the Adventuredome. But if you want something more modern, definitely AREA15

AREA15 Overhead View Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
AREA15 Overhead View (©Laurent Velazquez)

WT: What should be on every visitor's "bucket list" when visiting?
Cabrera: Two things. The Bellagio Conservatory, as it changes five times a year, and a rooftop lounge. Nothing beats seeing Las Vegas from high up.

WT: For a guest looking for a night on the town, what would you recommend?
Cabrera: This town is pretty big, so first wear comfortable shoes, then head down to Fremont Street, get a few slices at Evel Pie, then bar hop on Fremont East.

WT: What's a good spot to capture a great selfie? 
Cabrera: It's all about having a great background. I would say The LINQ Promenade with the High Roller behind you. 

The LINQ Promenade Night View Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
The LINQ Promenade Night View (Courtesy Caesars Entertainment)

WT: Any suggestions for the best under-the-radar sites or uncommon things to do?Cabrera: Check out some restaurants that are just a little past the common tourist areas, such as Letty's de Leticia's Cocina or Guerrilla Pizza Co.; both are just about a block or two from the famous Arts District.

WT: What is your expert tip?
Cabrera: Do a little bit of research before arriving. There's so much to do here, so you don't want to waste your time at the wrong places. Try places that are only here in Vegas. Have a list and reservations ready, so you aren't trying to get into places last minute.