St. Augustine's Historic District

A visit to the historic district in the heart of downtown includes everything from classic (17th century fort Castillo de San Marcos) to kitsch (touristy shops along St. George Street). To really appreciate St. Augustine, tour the area on foot. That leisurely pace reflects the flavor of the town itself. Although visitors often start and stay on St. George Street, more adventurous travelers are rewarded by taking in the side streets as well, especially around the narrow streets of the primarily residential neighborhood south of King Street. Behind the walls of the Spanish-style buildings are some of northeast Florida’s finest restaurants. There’s also an abundance of B&Bs in town. The Oldest House, a Spanish Colonial residence three blocks south of the Plaza de la Constitution at 14 St. Francis Street, was built circa 1706; it is the oldest surviving home in the city. And be sure to drive through the parking lot of the Howard Johnson Express Inn, at 137 San Marco Avenue, to see a stately live oak tree that’s at least 600 years old.


St Augustine, FL
United States