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How One Company Is Changing the Charter Flight Industry

Hiring a charter airplane has never been so easy or affordable.

Air travel is finally something to look forward to again.

Hiring a private aircraft through a global charter company like Wings Up provides passengers with a more relaxed and personalized travel experience than a commercial flight. It proves that flying can be a luxurious and comfortable way to take to the skies—no longer a means of getting from one place to another, as unscathed as possible.

Chartering a plane doesn’t have to be a solo flight; it’s a great option for groups of two or more people. In addition to the ample privacy—the only passengers are your passengers—the act of boarding a plane in recent years has never been this easy.

Take to the skies faster when you charter an aircraft. (Courtesy Wings Up)
Take to the skies faster when you charter an aircraft. (Courtesy Wings Up)

Get Up in the Air Faster

At Wings Up, passengers flying out of a private airport can board and be ready for flight a mere five minutes upon arrival. Other advantages of flying out of a private airport include bypassing TSA lines and body scans, in addition to avoiding the headache of flight delays or cancelations. International chartered flights still require a passport and all mandatory FAA regulations but don’t require arrival hours before takeoff, saving travelers precious time and energy.

The ability for charter planes to fly out of private airports also allows more options for departure points and destinations. Imagine flying out of NYC without having to leave from LaGuardia, JFK or Newark; perhaps even landing in Washington, D.C., but not at Reagan or Dulles.

A wider selection of airports to fly in and out of means often finding somewhere physically closer to both the departure—your front door, that ultra-chic and relaxing resort in Miami, a family reunion in San Francisco—in addition to the final destination, reducing travel time pre- and post-flight.

A Personal-Sized Aircraft

In addition to the diversity of airports available to chartered flights, there are generous options when it comes to aircraft.

Each traveler has the opportunity to select the plane that will be most comfortable for the chosen group. Hire a helicopter for the perfect two-person sightseeing trip over upstate New York; take a group of your closest friends to island hop off the coast of mainland Florida on a turboprop plane, great for short trips. For cross-country travelers—like an East Coast group of friends planning a bachelor party or bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas—a chartered super mid-size jet that flies nonstop could do the trick. Even jumbo jets like 747’s can be chartered for a larger group—think 50 to 500 people—so that everyone can fly together without having to worry about booking tickets on a commercial airline. The best part? No luggage fees.

Spacious seating makes flying comfortable and more enjoyable. (Courtesy Wings Up)
Spacious seating makes flying comfortable and more enjoyable. (Courtesy Wings Up)

Save Money and Fly in Style

Wings Up is unique in the private-charter game as there is no membership or long-term commitment required to take advantage of the company’s services. Any traveler can charter an aircraft through Wings Up without prior engagement and because there are no membership fees, the bottom line cost is much lower—sometimes up to half price—compared to other flight charter companies.

While everyone loves a good deal, reduced cost in chartering with Wings Up does not mean reduced amenities. Each flight is personalized to the needs of the passengers. When booking a charter, travelers are assigned a personal concierge who works hand-in-hand with a personal charter travel consultant to help with any travel needs from dining to in-flight entertainment and more. Gourmet catering is available—tailored to fit any dietary restrictions—and luxury vehicles are on call for boarding and disembarking.

Making Connections

Connections around the globe give Wings Up the ability to create this bespoke experience for its clients. After submitting a flight inquiry, travelers are contacted with a quote within hours. Wings Up works directly with the owners and operators of aircrafts around the world. The company has access to an extensive fleet of aircraft and certified flight personnel—FAA Part 135 certification, to be exact—to ensure each chartered flight is not only economically sound but also safe and stress-free.

Luxury air travel has never been so convenient and comfortable. With Wings Up, travelers can fly any place, anywhere, any time.