Hometown Bar-B-Que

BBQ Ribs (©Jon Tyson)

If you don’t have a grill but still want the feeling of a backyard barbecue with your meal, head to Hometown Bar-B-Que. This restaurant in Red Hook knows what makes Southern barbecue food so irresistible, and you’ll find their classic flavors waiting for you inside. Each dish is smoked on oak wood to create the charred taste that comes with cooking on the grill.

You’ll find your choice of ribs, sandwiches and wings waiting for you on the menu that combines the flavors of American barbecue with other cultures like Korean and Vietnamese. When your order’s ready, you’ll find it waiting for you at their walk-up counter service.

The fun doesn’t have to stop at the food, though. Make your evening last longer with a drink from one of their two bar areas, and dance along to live music playing on the weekends.

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