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Sculptures Across Dallas: Nasher's New Project

As the Nasher Sculpture Center celebrates 10 years, it spreads the love of art with 10 sculptures spread around the city.

The Nasher Sculpture Center has certainly evolved in the past decade. While the center’s dedication to innovative and exceptional modern art and sculpture has never been a question, the museum never stopped at simply showcasing the dazzling art pieces that reside on its beautiful grounds.

The Nasher has always been dedicated to reaching beyond its brick and mortar limitations and hosting special programs, events, concerts and exhibitions around the city. It’s gone a step further this year for its 10th anniversary, unveiling the Nasher XChange: a stunning new exhibition (the first of its kind in the U.S.) that features 10 newly commissioned sculptures and displays from various artists, placed at 10 specific locations throughout Dallas (such as Bryan Tower, Fish Trap Lake and UTD, among others). The pieces themselves are wildly different in both technique and approach and feature diverse artists such as Rachel Harrison, Alfredo Jaar, Liz Larner, Charles Long, Rick Lowe, Vicki Meek, Ruben Ochoa and Ugo Rondinone. "XChange" runs from Oct. 19 through Feb. 16, 2014. Here’s an inside look at four of the participating artists.

Ruben Ochoa
This distinctive, L.A.-based artist is known for his unique spins on urban architecture, specifically through the use of heavy-duty building materials like concrete, rod iron and steel. His work for Nasher XChange includes a chainlink piece at the Trinity River Audubon Center designed to reflect the location’s transformation from a decayed, illegal dumping ground to a thriving nature center.

Vicki Meek
As one of the area’s most treasured artists, Vicki Meek has been impacting Dallas’ creative landscape for more than 35 years. In addition to her art she has paved the way for several iconic Dallas institutions like the Black Dance Theatre and the African American Museum. Meek’s contribution to the XChange celebration is an interactive, commemorative installation titled, “Black & Blue: Cultural Oasis in the Hills” and will reside on the campus of Paul Quinn College.

Rick Lowe
As both an advocate for change and a unique talent, Alabama-born artist Rick Lowe helped turn one of Houston’s poorest and most decimated neighborhoods into a living work of art with his Project Row Houses work. His work for the XChange in Vickery Meadow serves as the second of the 10 pieces commissioned for the celebration and is described as a “social” sculpture. Instead of a specific piece, Lowe’s work will be a collaboration with local residents to bring ground-roots art into the neighborhood (through “popup” markets) to create a unified artistic message.

Liz Larner
“X” marks the spot for this unique artist, who frequently uses the signature shape in her work, which explores the relationship between objects and space. Her mission for the XChange program) can be found looming on the University of Texas Dallas campus; a mirrored, stainless steel sculpture that uses her signature style and rests in the courtyard of the recently opened Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology building.

For information on where to find these 10 sculptors' sculptures, visit the website of the Nasher Sculpture Center.