Where to Savor National Sandwich Month in Dallas

It's not just peanut butter and jelly anymore.

Whether it's ham and cheese, pastrami on rye or any other concoction, sandwiches have become a part of our lives. Named after English aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, it's easy to create; just slap something between two pieces of bread. August is National Sandwich Month and across Dallas more than ever, sandwich choices are more complex, creating deeper layers of flavor. Here is a just a small sample size of the area's take on them. Blatt Beer & Table's Tipsy Cuban sandwich

Blatt Beer & Table

In Preston Hollow Village, Blatt Beer and Table serves up pub food and craft beer and puts its own twist on the traditional Cuban sandwich with the Tipsy Cuban. 

“A traditional Cuban sandwich is delicious as is, but we wanted to incorporate some of our housemade elements Blatt is known for," said brand chef Chris Akers. "Our Tipsy Cuban includes housemade kielbasa sausage and smoked pork butt on a toasted pretzel roll, served over our famous beer cheese soup.”

North Italia Famous Meatball Sandwich

North Italia

At North Italia you can dig into pizza and pasta, but a lunch favorite is Our Famous Meatball Sandwich.

"Imagine taking a bite and being met with everything you could want from a hot sandwich—the perfect toast on your bread, crisp and crunchy, combined with savory, housemade meatballs, which have been braised, then drenched in hot marinara sauce and topped with rich Scamorza cheese," said brand chef Carlos Calderon.

Jimmy's Food Store Philly Roast Pork

Jimmy's Food Store

At this specialty shop run by the DiCario family for more than 50 years, you can come in for food and wine imported from Italy, or leave with a top-notch sandwich like a 6-inch Philly Roast Pork, filled with porketta, gravy, broccoli rabe, peppers and provolone. 


It takes a combination of factors to be named Best New Bar in 2017 and Best Bar in 2018. At HIDE, food and cocktails complment each other at the Deep Ellum establishment, including items like the Veggie Sandwich.  

“We wanted to create a sandwich that even vegetarians can enjoy," said proprietor Nick Backlund. "Our Veggie Sandwich features solely vegetables, including pickled cauliflower, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, arugula and smashed avocado topped with tahini aioli. The fresh, roasted flavors make it an ideal sandwich for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.”

Pecan Lodge's The Pitmaster

Pecan Lodge

If you're headed to Pecan Lodge, it's barbecue that's on the menu and with the pits burning nonstop, smoke-infused goodness abounds. Forget the silverware and grab the The "Pitmaster," filled with brisket, pulled pork and sausage beneath coleslaw, barbecue sauce and fresh sliced jalapeños.

SkinnyFATS Sweet Cheese Us


Born in Las Vegas, the first restaurant outside Nevada serves up breakfast and things in bowls, in addition to those between buns. Find sandwiches the likes of the Filet O Fire, sliced filet mignon, fried jalapenos, avocado pico and jalapeno ranch on Cajun sourdough, or the Sweet Cheese Us. 

"Our Sweet Cheese Us consists of shaved steak, marinated portobello mushrooms, cherry and banana peppers and pepper jack cheese all on a toasted hoagie roll and topped with our housemade white cheddar cheese sauce," said chef Marco Marquez. "The secret to our unique flavor is in the peppers that we candy. This creates a sweetness that hits you at first bite and follows up with a bit of heat.