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Western-Furniture Denizen Dishes on the ‘Big D’

Jason Lenox, owner of the upscale Antèks Home Furnishings in Dallas, lists his favorite places to go and dine in the city.

Oak Cliff denizen Jason Lenox has been gifting people with rustic style since 1985. His flagship Dallas store is a showcase of sophisticated cowhide, wood and leather furniture and Western objet d’art. From its corner on Dragon and Howell streets in the rapidly evolving Design District, the shop has stood as a nod to all things Texas while embracing upscale style.

Jason Lenox
Jason Lenox’s Antèks store is a nod to all things Texas. (Courtesy Jason Lenox)

What is Dallas' design sensibility?

The design sensibility in Dallas is all over the map! Whether you're talking about clothes or home furnishings, Dallas has it all. On one hand we have people who are into bigger, glitzier and shinier. On the other hand we have people who are really into khaki pants and a blue blazer. I think the key, whatever your style, is to make it your own. I'm a jeans, boots and white oxford shirt kind of guy. But I almost always wear a turquoise cuff, and that kind of makes it my own.

How has style evolved here over the years?

From a home-furnishings standpoint, Dallas still seems to adhere to a fairly classic point of view. Even at my store we approach things from a place of classicism. Yes, we have antler chandeliers and cowhide furniture, but it's presented in a way that makes people feel welcome and comfortable.

What are some of you favorite places to visit?

Neiman’s Downtown is a great place to visit. It's like walking back in time to a magical era of retail.

I love all the antique shops along Riverfront; you never know what you'll find over there!

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is pretty fantastic. It's on a must-see list for all my out-of-town clients.

Anteks Home Furnishings, of course! All kidding aside, I think Anteks is one of the more unique stores in Dallas.

The Nasher is outstanding, I send people there all the time.

Where do you like to eat out?

Bolsa and Boulevardier in Oak Cliff are both fantastic. We always seem to find ourselves at Taco Diner in Preston Center; the green chicken chile posole is out of this world! I also love Mr. Mesero, and we can't forget Bob's Steak & Chop House. In my opinion, it's the best steak house in Dallas, hands down.

What is your favorite Dallas landmark?

I know it's relatively new, but I like the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge a lot. I live in Oak Cliff and get to drive the bridge every day. I can see it from just about every place in town and it looks fabulous at night!

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is a newer Dallas landmark. (©The Trinity Trust)

Jason Lenox’s Perfect Day

8 am, Dining Al Fresco

A leisurely breakfast on the patio at The Mansion is a great place to start. When you're done, you can stroll one of the paths that winds along Turtle Creek.

10 am, Local Love

Then I might head over to some of the stores in the Knox-Henderson area: Mecox, Grange Hall, Forty Five Ten, Nest. They're all so cool and it's easy to find something great in any one of them.

Noon, Delicious Eats

Mambo Taxi drink at Mi Cocina
Try a Mambo Taxi drink at Mi Cocina. (Courtesy Mi Cocina)

Lunchtime finds me at Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village. Whatever I have, it's accompanied by a Mambo Taxi (easily the best drink in town). Next I'd head down to the Arts District and visit the Nasher or the DMA. You can't go wrong with either one.

8 pm, Cattlemen’s Ball

For dinner I'm off to Bob's Steak & Chop House. I love the one at Legacy and the Tollway. If I'm feeling adventurous after dinner, I’ll head to the bar at the Warwick Melrose Hotel for a good whiskey.