Dallas Author Moll Anderson on Patios, Color Palettes and Design District Picks

The bestselling author, interior designer and award-winning TV host on where she likes to shop, sip and stay inspired in Dallas.

A design expert and longtime patron of the arts, Moll Anderson has an eye for style and a passion for color. Her most recent book illustrates the importance of color as it relates to a particular space, and how to incorporate it into the home. We spoke to the former TV personality, bestselling author and mother of four about Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year, and picked her brain on where to find the best showrooms, art galleries and restaurants in the city.

How are we seeing Ultra-Violet in design? What differentiates this hue from the typical purple?

I am so inspired and over the moon with Pantone’s choice of “Ultra-Violet” ... I've actually used a similar hue in my own home in Dallas. Violet embodies everything from spirituality, creativity and romance to wealth, pride and elegance. It’s important to understand that we have emotional connections to colors [that are] defined by our childhood memories, both the good and the bad, right up until this very moment. If Ultra-Violet speaks to your emotions in a positive manner, then you should definitely bring the color into your home and life!

What other colors are you loving this season, and how are they being incorporated?
I've fallen in love with daring color combinations: red and pink, burgundy and orange, teal and emerald. There is no right or wrong way to choose; but remember, it’s all about what colors speak to you.

Moll Anderson Dallas Ritz-Carlton

How (and where) do you get your retail therapy fix?
Dallas has become quite the fashion mecca in the past few years. Highland Park Village is such a beautiful experience for shopping and eating. I’m counting the days until Park House [opens there]. The Tot has become a go-to since our family started growing. Forty Five Ten is like art for our bodies and Neiman Marcus is my classic designer fix. Both are a deadly combination, being across the street from each other on Main Street [in downtown]! NorthPark Center has become an amazing place to shop. They really know how to cater to "family shopping"— when you have to get everything from a pair of Nike tennis shoes to a Hublot watch.
Last but not least, Mecox is my home away from home. It feels like having a hot cup of coffee on a cold day with good friends.

What are your top showrooms or galleries in the Dallas Design District? Why?
There's Christopher Martin—[my husband and I] love and own his work. Michelle Nussbaumer pours her heart and soul into Ceylon et Cie. I always love the moment you step in [to a place] that makes your senses go wild. I love the Design District here in Dallas and honestly I can spend days going from store to store.

Springtime in Texas translates to 'patio season.' Which are your faves for lunch, happy hour or weekend brunch?
I enjoy happy hour at home on our patio, but besides ours my go-to’s are Bullion, Grange Hall, Mirador, Le Bilboquet, and soon, Park House.