Top Things to Do in Denver

Coloradans don’t mean to brag (well, maybe sometimes they do) when telling you they live in the best state. Maybe it’s the high altitude that’s compromising their attitude toward their surroundings; maybe it’s the majestic mountains beneath sunny, clear skies that act as hypnosis over anyone around; or maybe it’s the seemingly endless list of things to do. 

One can watch a concert at one of the world’s best music venues, tour where future Olympians train, drive (or ride) the highest paved road in North America, see home runs fly while seated a mile high or wander the three-story Denver Museum of Nature & Science, all in the same weekend.  

No matter the time of year, Denver offers plenty of entertainment to keep visitors and residents engaged, and boundless outdoor adventures call to thrill-seekers, too. Start with this list of the top 18 things to do when visiting Denver and create your own itinerary of must-sees.