14 Outdoor Adventures in Colorado

Spend the morning climbing steps that lead straight up the side of Pikes Peak just outside of Colorado Springs, stop by the reservoir at Chatfield State Park for a quick dip to cool off during summer months, and then wander along trails at Roxborough State Park where angled red rock formations stand tall and majestic. 

Outdoor escapades are in close proximity to city limits of Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, giving adventure seekers plenty to conquer. Test your skills on the slopes while skiing or downhill mountain biking, keep balanced through the rapids of Colorado’s rivers, and summit one of the state’s “14ers”—these mountains aren’t for the faint of heart as each of the 53 peaks rises higher than 14,000 feet! 

Creating a list of outdoor activities in Colorado is like writing the first chapter of a great book. It’s the gateway to limitless potential, open to any and all who are game for a little adventure in Mother Nature’s backyard. Get started with these 14 ideas and see where the land takes you next.