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Cirque Dreams Holidaze Brings Festive Fun to Over 40 Cities

The festive holiday performance is set to wow audience members all over the country.

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with “Cirque Dreams Holidaze.” This awe-inspiring show combines traditional Broadway-style theatre and contemporary circus arts to create a unique entertainment experience. The production takes audiences on a journey of seasonal delights and is set to captivate audiences in over 40 different cities this holiday season.

“Cirque Dreams Holidaze” Wows This Season

“Cirque Dreams Holidaze” stands out above the rest because it combines three of the most beloved aspects of live entertainment: a Broadway Style Musical, a jaw-dropping contemporary circus, and a festive holiday atmosphere. It encompasses elements that appeal to every generation,” Artistic Manager Rebecca Shubert told us. “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” takes some of the most incredible circus acts and artists from around the globe and showcases their incredible talent amidst a whimsical holiday setting, complete with beloved holiday music and dynamic choreography.”

This year, the show has some new additions to the festive experience. “This year’s production has been totally reimagined and incorporates new acts, breathtaking sets, and hot new choreography,” Shubert explained. 

(Courtesy Cirque Dreams Holidaze) | WHERE Traveler®
(Courtesy Cirque Dreams Holidaze)

The Traveling Show

With limited engagements all around the country, the show’s team is filled with experts in the production set-up. “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” is traveling to 41 cities this holiday season, and we wouldn’t be able to pull off this feat without our incredible traveling crew and the local crews who assist them in cities across the country,” Shubert said of the traveling team. “We will typically arrive in a city the morning of the performance, and everything will be in place to open that evening. Sometimes things are still being tweaked moments before the curtain rises.

Family-Friendly Holiday Magic

“Cirque Dreams Holidaze” is beloved by families, teens, and adults alike. The show is perfect for a family outing, theatre night or date night,” Shubert told us. “The show is absolutely awe-inspiring, and we can hear the audience’s delight throughout the performance each night. Listening to the “oohs” and “ahhs” from audience members and the giddy giggles of children dressed up in their holiday best definitely gets everyone in the holiday mood.”

Catch the full list of dates for “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” here. Upcoming cities and dates include Atlantic City, NJ, on December 11; Champaign, IL, on December 14; Peoria, IL, on December 15; St. Louis, MO, from December 16-17; Chicago, IL, from December 22-24; and Newark, NJ, on December 26. 

(Courtesy Cirque Dreams Holidaze) | WHERE Traveler®
(Courtesy Cirque Dreams Holidaze)