Club Chicago

Experience Chicago's club scene from the bottom up, including the hottest bars and hidden clubs.

For you, the party only gets going after 1 a.m. Another beer? No, sir. Bottle service, please, and how ‘bout a view. Sound like your scene? At nightlife destination Parliament, out come the champagne sippers, the cut-out dresses, the guys in mirrored aviators and the DJ followers. On the first floor, reserve premium booths in the House of Lords, reservable—natch—by VIPs, situated in the center of the room for all to covet. The perimeter tables aren’t shabby either—the sightlines keep the focus on the excess: the LED lighting, the tufted walls and clinking glasses all around.

Need a break from the bumpin’ bassline? Take a glass-walled elevator three floors up to The Kensington, an intimate roof oasis with east-facing views of downtown Chicago and built-in banquettes with mod fabrics that channel a SoCal vibe. If that dream date doesn’t show, so what. You can’t beat the skyline, and the oh-so-quenchable P.M., a slippery sweet concoction with Corzo Blanco tequila, Cedilla acai berry liquor, fresh lemon and simple syrup. 324 W. Chicago Ave., 312.380.0004,

After the Chiberian winter, patio and rooftop spaces are the most precious summer real estate. But there’s a whole nightlife scene rumbling below street level. Disappear into Untitled, hidden behind two heavy wooden doors in Chicago’s buzzing River North district. The Prohibition-style speakeasy might have been where Capone stashed his personal whiskey (members can rent lockers) or caught live swing and jazz bands in between heists. These days, on Thursday nights, it’s all about the burlesque dancers and circus acts performing for Unbridled at Untitled, which promptly starts at 10:30 pm. The troupe mills about freely, and yes, that could be your buddy up on the stage dancing with the fire eater. The den blurs the lines for what constitutes as theater space, making you as much a performer as a voyeur. 111 W. Kinzie St., 312.880.1511,