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3 Charlotte Spa Treatments to Nourish Your Body and Soul

When wellness is on your agenda, make an appointment for one of these unique spa treatments.

A Swedish massage is always a classic, but sometimes you need a little something extra in your spa escape to really melt your woes away. The latest technologies, Eastern medicine practices and even on-site beehive honey create singular treatments at these three Queen City spas. And each experience is as good for your soul as it feels on your body.

Honey Detox and Chocolate Truffle Treatment 

The treatment: The Ritz-Carlton's extravagant (and delicious-sounding!) 110-minute experience begins with a full body exfoliation using the hotel’s own rooftop-beehive honey. Next you are slathered in a chocolate truffle wrap to rehydrate your body. The last step in this treatment: a relaxing Swedish massage. 

The takeaway: You’ll leave feeling refreshed, and you will smell amazing.

The spa: The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Wellness Center, 201 E. Trade St., Charlotte, N.C., 704.547.2244

Spa treatment room (Courtesy The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Wellness Center)
Spa treatment room. (Courtesy The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Wellness Center)

Infrared Sauna

The treatment: Technology at its best, over in the Myers Park neighborhood. The Infrared Sauna at this decade-plus-old place is designed to utilize infrared waves to penetrate deep into the joints, muscles and tissue, taking a standard sauna experience to a whole new level.

The takeaway: Relaxed muscles and increased circulation.

Where to go: OM Spa, 523 Fenton Place, Charlotte, N.C., 704.302.1524

OM Spa's infrared sauna room
OM Spa's infrared sauna room. (Courtesy OM Spa)

Ashiatsu Massage

The treatment: Re Salon & Med Spa's updated version of an ancient form of Japanese deep-pressure bodywork uses the feet. A therapist stands above clients on the massage table holding on to sturdy overhead bars for balance and uses his/her feet to deliver the deepest of all deep-tissue massages. Think Swedish with a kick—literally.

The takeaway: Great for athletes and active individuals.

Where to go: Re Salon & Med Spa, 1212 South Blvd., Charlotte, N.C., 704.334.8087

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