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Fitness on the Fly in Charlotte

Why wait for the new year? Take these fun-filled fitness classes (or prep for 2020 events) while in the Queen City.

For many, travel means a reprieve from everyday life. With that comes relaxation and indulgence—not great for those who plan to add "get healthy" to their list of New Year's resolutions. While we'll never turn our nose up at the dessert menu, we can relate to the desire for a balanced lifestyle, even miles away from home. 

If you’ve resolved to spin, stretch or sprint in the coming year, the Queen City has a fitness class or event that’ll keep you on track. What are you waiting for? Lace-up your sneakers and start your trip on the right foot.


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, at some point you’ll need to clear your head. That’s where Y2 Yoga’s Good Karma meditation sessions come in. And, with more than 100 classes (including upbeat hot yoga) offered a week, scheduling isn’t an excuse to sit in your hotel room here. The spacious studio also offers showers, a boutique stocked with athletic apparel, a spa and a restaurant. 

Trail Run
Sprint into shape. (©Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com)


Break a sweat to warm up this winter. Sign up for the Charlotte Running Co. Trail Run and make your way through the woods at the U.S. National Whitewater Center on a 4-mile, 9-mile or 13-mile run, then celebrate your efforts by chowing down at the Chili Bar. The race will take place on January 18; however, travelers who won’t be in town for the main event can participate in free, 4-mile training runs, without registering, on December 8, December 22 or January 12.


“Try new things” and “work out more” in one go at Aerial CLT. The high-ceilinged studio is home to Silks, Trapeze, Lyra and Flexibility drop-in classes, where travelers of all skill levels can learn the (colorful) ropes. Private lessons are also available and will have you balancing, swinging and spinning in no time.

Spin Class
Spin into shape. (©Zodiacphoto/Shutterstock.com)


The bikes scattered on our city’s sidewalks may have piqued your interest, but we’ve got an alternative that, albeit stationary, will have you feeling stronger (and probably out of breath) in no time: Cycle South. The boutique gym features 45- and 60-minute spin classes set to music, with classes such as Cycle+Arm and Wine Down Wednesday! also in the mix.


Leave those headphones in your bag, THE JAM: CLT has the workout playlist covered. Its dance fitness classes are held across Charlotte, in locations such as the Catawba Brewing Company and Good Road Cider Works. Take The Mixtape to bust a move to a variety of genres or The Jam for hip-hop and reggae hits. Those looking to tone while traveling can take The Remix (fair warning, burpees are involved). No matter what class you pop, lock and drop in on, you’re sure to walk away satisfied that you stuck to your resolutions.