Cape Town for Culture Buffs

There's history and culture at every turn in Cape Town. It's also a city that today is proudly multicultural. You can see the mosques and brightly painted Georgian terraces of Bo-Kaap, the quarter where descendents of Malaysian slaves settled. There's the Anglican cathedral, once led by the legendary Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and family vaults of early Dutch Cape settlers at Groote Kerk. On Robbens Island, you can visit the Leper's Church, built by and for the afflicted.

But there's plenty of art and history on show, too. At the South African National Gallery, the nation's premier collection, you can see outstanding examples of South African art, and the South African Museum showcases everything from 19th-century social history to ancient rock art.

You can see the nation's colonial history at the Rhodes Memorial, but also celebrate where Nelson Mandela made his victory speech at City Hall. Cape Town certainly has its history on show.