Dear Boston: A Letter to One of Our Favorite Cities

Where Boston Editor Leigh Harrington on what makes Boston so special

Dear Boston,

Thank you. Thank you for being my hometown and the place that, after 35 years, I still love to call home. Thank you for being the city where I’ll raise my daughter, where she’ll learn to be genuine, hard-working and honest-to-the-core. Thank you for your spirit and tenacity, and for your heritage that has supported justice, equality and freedom since William Blaxton grazed his cows on Boston Common.

Thank you for being one “smaht” Hub, for your world-class universities and for the advancements in every industry that germinate on campuses here. At 17, I dreamed of hanging around Harvard Square and the Yard in my Doc Martens, but ultimately I left town for college (Go ‘Cuse!) and missed you every day. Now, I do hang around there, browsing at Harvard Book Store and indulging with a flammekueche at Sandrine’s. Thank you for the fun times exploring the dark corners of historic Fort Warren with a flashlight, finding the best gnocchi in the North End (at Prezza), strolling the banks of the Charles on my lunch hour and spending $2.50 once every summer for a peaceful ride on your charming Swan Boats. Thank you for your amazing restaurants that treat my hunger pangs: Grill 23, Tasty Burger, Orinoco and Scampo. Thank you for the Beehive, its champagne list and its eclectic musical acts. Thank you for the Museum of Fine Arts and its different exploration at every visit. Thank you for Castle Island, one stunning place to get some exercise.

Thank you for your character, your loyalty (Go Sox!) and your unwavering support of your citizens. Most of all, thank you for your patriotism.

We are a proud people, and we are proud of you, Boston.

With love,
Leigh Harrington, Where