Boston for History Buffs

In a venerable city such as Boston, how can one possibly curate a list of the top 20 things a history buff should see? The simple answer is: One can't. 

So Much History, So Little Time

However, that doesn't mean we won't try, giving a few provisions, of course:

We omit individual Freedom Trail sites (there are 16 of them), lumping them all into the single nomination "Freedom Trail." The disappointed reader can browse our guide for how to best do this walk through Colonial and Revolutionary history in one day, here in our guide to exploring Boston's Freedom Trail.

We've included at least one item from each of America's five centuries, 17th through 21st.

We've performed a broad sampling of all of Boston's historical interests, whether they be political, military, intellectual, cultural, or just plain rebellious. 

Yes, we've left some historic sites and attractions out and likely neglected to mention favorites. But, all the more reason to explore our site and then head out to explore Boston.