Boston Super Bowl Standouts: 5 Essential Big Game Venues

Join the most fanatical football fans in town for the biggest game of the year

The Super Bowl is here again—which means, for the tenth time in 20 years, every bar in Boston will be packed to the gunnels come game day. For most folks outside of New England, the Patriots may not generate the warm, fuzzy wave of delirium and pride we experience here. Yeah, okay, we know, but how else are we supposed to get through the winter? Please forgive our local bias, but if you want to find out what Boston author Dave Wedge thinks about quarterback Tom Brady and Boston sports culture, check out this gem in the Where Boston archives. Whether you’re a die-hard Pats fan, a passionate neutral or a brave interloper, it’s always good to know where the best Super Bowl shindigs are going to be held. Here are five outstanding venues for the football event of the year.

Game day goodies at City Tap House
Game day goodies at City Tap House (Courtesy City Tap House)

City Tap House

On Super Bowl day we’re all looking for a win-win. But if the result on the field doesn’t go to planned you might as well be guaranteed a decisive victory in the hospitality department. City Tap House in Fort Point has you well covered. Dig into the tailgate-inspired snacks and drinks and listen to live museic before the game. 80-inch TV screens, too.

The Smoke Shop
The Smoke Shop (©Melissa Ostrow)

The Smoke Shop

Most of us tend to grunt and shout like cave people while watching the Super Bowl, but some prefer a more analytical approach to the grid iron. Over in geek-centric Kendall Square, home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you’re sure to find a local data expert to help you break down the plays and make sense of the contest. One of the best local Super Bowl hangouts is The Smoke Shop (also in the Seaport and Assembly Square). BBQ Buffet, Super Bowl Pool, premium club seats—this is an extravaganza not to be missed.

Scorpion Bar Patriot Place
Scorpion Bar Patriot Place (Courtesy Big Night Entertainment Group)

Patriot Place

For a full-on Patriots Super Bowl experience outside of the actual game, head to the hub of it all—the Gillette Stadium complex, where you’ll find a maelstrom of local allegiance at the Scorpion Bar and CBS Sporting Club. Both venues sit under the Big Night Entertainment Group umbrella, which means world-class food, drinks and atmosphere. The Scorpion Bar offers Mexican-inspired plates and exceptional cocktails, while CBS Sporting Club puts a twist on New England classics like clam chowder and the lobster roll—with stadium-style seating, of course.

Union Oyster House
John Kerry (center) at Union Oyster House (©United States Government)

Union Oyster House

Few places come closer to the historical essence of New England than Union Oyster House—which makes it an ideal location to check out the Super Bowl whenever the Patriots are involved, for a close-up look at the local sports psyche. If you want massed banks of supersized TV screens and fancy bells 'n' whistles cocktails, this place isn't right for you. But if you'd like to understand the heart of Boston on the day when it beats the fastest, you’ll never want to leave. It opened around half a century before the invention of football.

Cask ‘n Flagon

Located smack in the middle of Boston baseball territory, Cask ‘n Flagon Fenway offers an authentic local pigskin experience before thoughts turn to the Red Sox. Here, you’ll find a generous selection of themed, game-day plates, from the customizable Tailgate Platters to the home-style sides, not to mention 60 HDTVs to ensure a great view of the action wherever you plant yourself.

Cask 'n Flagon
Cask 'n Flagon (Courtesy Cask 'n Flagon)