Madame Tussauds

Have your picture taken with Angela Merkel, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, One Direction, or a host of other famous names in entertainment and politics. And, yes, there's even a wax Adolf Hitler, depicted as a little man standing in despair in his bunker during his final days. The legendary wax museum also has a section explaining how the figures are made.

Fans of Yoda, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker will be blown away by the grand-finale display now on display. Reopening after a multi-million-euro expansion, the wax museum now features a Star Wars experience where fans can meet some of the saga's most popular characters. Eleven heroes and villains from Star Wars Episodes I-VI, created in close collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, have been set in authentic scenes inspired by the films, with plenty of special effects to bring it all to life.

Daily 10am–7pm (until 9pm in Aug, closed 24 Dec). €21/16, discounts if you book online. Combined Berlin Dungeon, Legoland, and Sea Life tickets available.


Unter den Linden 74
10117 Berlin